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News : what do golden cookies taste like? Study reveals a flavor "somewhere between spearmint and liquorice".

A golden cookie!

Golden Cookies are clickable objects in Cookie Clicker that occasionally show up on the screen in a random position during normal gameplay. They are classified as Shimmers that may give unique effects to boost cookie production when clicked. When spawned, it will stay in its place for the on-screen duration (13 seconds base) before disappearing.

Many aspects of Golden cookies can be improved via certain Upgrades or Garden plants. These aspects include time between each spawn, the duration of each effect, the amount of time on-screen, etc..

If in the Grandmapocalypse, or if Skruuia is slotted[note 1], Wrath Cookies may (or will outright) be spawned in place of Golden Cookies. These have unique effects, sometimes hindering cookie production.

Total Golden Cookie clicks can be seen in the stats menu (named 'Golden cookie clicks').

Golden Cookie Effects

All possible effects of Golden Cookies. The durations listed are their base values (not affected by Upgrades, Garden plants, Krumblor etc). Streak prevention and other effects are not accounted for.

NOTE: The chances below are very approximate. Use the probability calculator (in the "Outcome probabilities" section down below) for more precise chances, which can vary depending on your game.

  • ~40% chance of Lucky!:
    • Instantly gain cookies, whichever gives less:
      1. 15% of cookies banked + 13 then multiplied by goldenCookieGain
      2. 15 minutes worth of cookies (CpS * 900) + 13 multiplied by goldenCookieGain
    • Will give the most cookies if cookies banked is 100 minutes (1 hour 40 mins) of CpS
    • Will scale accordingly with CpS-altering effects (except Wrinklers)
  • ~40% chance of Frenzy:
    • x7 CpS
    • Lasts 77 seconds
  • ~8% chance of Building special (requires 10+ total buildings owned):
    • Random building will be picked from among eligible candidates
      • A building is eligible for selection if 10+ of that specific building is owned
      • If no eligible buildings exist, instead gain Frenzy (see above)
    • Selected building provides a CpS boost of N x 10% (where N is building count)
    • Lasts 30 seconds
    • Each building's effect is unique, so multiple of different buildings can be active at once
  • ~6% chance of Dragon Harvest (requires active Reaper of Fields aura or Reality Bending at a reduced chance):
    • x15 CpS (x17 with Dragon Fang)
    • Lasts 60 seconds
  • ~6% chance of Dragonflight (requires active Dragonflight aura or Reality Bending at a reduced chance):
    • x1111 cookies per click (x1223 with Dragon Fang)
    • Lasts 10 seconds
    • Does not affect Cursor CpS
    • 80% chance to remove existing Click Frenzy upon being triggered
    • 100% chance to remove Click Frenzy from Force the Hand of Fate’s effect pool if active (the buff, not the aura) when casting
    • Reduces the chance of Click Frenzy from natural Golden/Wrath cookies by 20 times if active when clicked
  • ~3% chance of Click Frenzy:
    • x777 cookies per click
    • Lasts 13 seconds
    • Does not affect Cursor CpS
  • ~1.5% chance of Everything Must Go (only during Business Day season):
    • All buildings are 5% cheaper
    • Lasts 8 seconds
  • ~0.7% chance of Cookie Storm (requires 100,000 cookies baked this ascension):
    • Spawns lots of Golden/Wrath cookies randomly on-screen, each giving 1-7 minutes of CpS multiplied by goldenCookieGain
    • Lasts 7 seconds
    • Golden/Wrath cookies from storm will not increment 'Golden cookies clicks' stat (and subsequently achievements)
      • Random drops can still be unlocked
  • ~0.7% chance of Cookie chain (requires 100,000 cookies baked this ascension):
    • Each golden cookie clicked after, will give x10 + 7 more cookies than the last, until chain ends
    • If in the Grandmapocalypse, or if Skruuia is slotted, Wrath Cookies may (or will outright) spawn in place of Golden Cookies, giving x10 + 6 more cookies than the last Golden/Wrath cookie
    • During chain, subsequent Golden/Wrath cookies spawn every 3 seconds
    • Cookie chains start at Bank/1 billion cookies
    • Every x10 more cookies will increment the order of magnitude
      • Every x10 more cookies will increment the order of magnitude
    • Chain will end under these circumstances:
      • A Golden/Wrath Cookie disappears before being clicked
      • Next Golden/Wrath cookie would give more than 6 hours worth of CpS
      • Next Golden/Wrath cookie would give more than 50% of cookies banked
      • 1% chance after clicking a Golden/Wrath Cookie
      • Clicking a non-chain golden cookie
  • ~0.015% chance of Sweet (requires Sugar Lumps unlocked):
  • ~0.003% chance of Blab:
    • Does absolutely nothing except for displaying one of the following messages:
      • Cookie crumbliness x3 for 60 seconds!
      • Chocolatiness x7 for 77 seconds!
      • Dough elasticity halved for 66 seconds!
      • Golden Cookie shininess doubled for 3 seconds!
      • World economy halved for 30 seconds!
      • Grandma kisses 23% stingier for 45 seconds!
      • Thanks for clicking!
      • Fooled you! This one was just a test.
      • Golden Cookies clicked +1!
      • Your click has been registered. Thank you for your cooperation.
      • Thanks! That hit the spot!
      • Thank you. A team has been dispatched.
      • They know.
      • Oops. This was just a chocolate cookie with shiny aluminium foil.
      • Eschaton immanentized!
      • Oh, that tickled!
      • Again.
      • You've made a grave mistake.
      • Chocolate chips reshuffled!
      • Randomized chance card outcome!
      • Mouse acceleration +0.03%!
      • Ascension bonuses x5,000 for 0.1 seconds!
      • Gained 1 extra!
      • Sorry, better luck next time!
      • I felt that.
      • Nice try, but no.
      • Wait, sorry, I wasn't ready yet.
      • Yippee!
      • Bones removed.
      • Organs added.
      • Did you just click that?
      • Huh? Oh, there was nothing there.
      • You saw nothing.
      • It seems you hallucinated that cookie.
      • This golden cookie was a complete fabrication.
      • In theory there is no wrong way of clicking a golden cookie, but you did that, somehow.
      • All cookies multiplied by 999! All cookies divided by 999!
      • Why?

Outcome probabilities

To calculate the possibilities of various outcomes, go to Here's how to use it:

  1. Set the settings according to your save's current settings (probabilities may differ depending on dragon auras, seasons, etc.)
    1. "Dragonflight (aura)", "Reaper of Fields", and "Reality Bending" are dragon auras. Leave them unchecked if you do not have them unlocked or slotted.
    2. Uncheck "More than 9 buildings?" if you have no building type with more than 9 of. (It is checked by default)
    3. Uncheck "More than 100k cbta?" if you have baked less than 100,000 cookies in the current ascension; "cbta" stands for Cookies baked this ascension. (It is checked by default)
    4. Uncheck "Lumps unlocked?" if you do not have Sugar Lumps unlocked. (It is checked by default)
    5. "In Business day?" refers to whether Business Day season is currently active (via season switcher or otherwise). Leave unchecked if it is currently not active. You can check whether Business day is active in stats; if there is an "Season:" in the "Specials" section and it says Business day, the save is in business day. If not (or if the "Season:" is absent), the save is not in business day.
    6. "Skruuia?" refers to whether Skruuia is slotted in any slot in the Pantheon. If it is, check it, otherwise leave it unchecked.
    7. "Dragonflight (buff)" refers to the buff generated by the Dragonflight aura. Check if the buff is active, otherwise, leave unchecked.
    8. "Grandmapocalypse stage' refers to the stage of the Grandmapocalypse. Set to 0 if the Grandmas are appeased.
  2. Press "Calculate".
  3. A table will generate. Each row refers to the chances of a certain outcome, and each column refers to the chances of outcomes for a specific circumstance (e.g. Golden or Wrath cookie, or the outcome of the previous Golden/Wrath cookie). If one is looking for probability on average, scroll to the far right for the "Cumulative" columns.

Related Achievements/Upgrades


Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Lucky golden clover.png Lucky day 7 Golden Cookies clicked [note 2] Money.png 777.778 million Golden cookies appear twice as often and last twice as long on screen.
"Oh hey, a four-leaf penny!"
Lucky golden clover.png Serendipity 27 Golden Cookies clicked [note 2] Money.png 77.778 billion Golden cookies appear twice as often and last twice as long on screen.
"What joy! Seven horseshoes!"
Lucky golden clover.png Get lucky 77 Golden Cookies clicked [note 2] Money.png 77.778 trillion Golden cookie effects last twice as long.
"You've been up all night, haven't you?"
Golden goose egg.png Golden goose egg "Rare" egg
(see Probabilities)
Money.png 999 x 3E Golden cookies appear 5% more often.
Cost scales with how many eggs you own.
"The sole vestige of a tragic tale involving misguided investments."
Green yeast digestives.png Green yeast digestives 0.5% chance of dropping after harvesting a mature green rot [note 3] Money.png 10,800 x CpS [note 4] +1% golden cookie gains and effect duration.
+1% golden cookie frequency.
+3% random drops.
Dropped by green rot plants.
Cost scales with CpS.
"These are tastier than you'd expect, but not by much."
Dragon fang.png Dragon fang Random drop from petting Krumblor Money.png 1,800 x CpS
(max level dragon:
Money.png 180 x CpS)
+3% golden cookie gains.
Dragon harvest and Dragonflight are 10% stronger.
Cost scales with CpS, but 10 times cheaper with a fully-trained dragon.
"Just a fallen baby tooth your dragon wanted you to have, as a gift.
It might be smaller than an adult tooth, but it's still frighteningly sharp - and displays some awe-inspiring cavities, which you might expect from a creature made out of sweets."


Main Article: Golden Cookie Achievements

Icon Name Description ID
Buttergold cookie.png Golden cookie Click a golden cookie. 67
Small buttergold cookies.png Lucky cookie Click 7 golden cookies. 68
Medium buttergold cookies.png A stroke of luck Click 27 golden cookies. 69
Fortune.png Fortune Click 77 golden cookies.
"You should really go to bed."
Leprechaun.png Leprechaun Click 777 golden cookies. 84
Black cat's paw.png Black cat's paw Click 7777 golden cookies. 85
Buttergold cookie.png Early bird Click a Golden Cookie less than 1 second after it spawns. 263
Buttergold cookie.png Fading luck Click a Golden Cookie less than 1 second before it dies. 264
Lucky golden clover.png Four-leaf cookie
(shadow achievement)
Have 4 golden cookies simultaneously.
"Fairly rare, considering cookies don't even have leaves."
Seven horseshoes.png Seven horseshoes
(shadow achievement)
Click 27,777 golden cookies.
"Enough for one of those funky horses that graze near your factories."

Golden Cookie Timing

There are three crucial timings for Golden Cookies:

  • Spawn time: how long it takes for Golden Cookies to be generated.
  • Duration: how long Golden Cookies will stay on the screen.
  • Effect duration: how long the cookie's effects will last.

Spawn Time

Golden Cookie spawning is treated like any other object, and is thus subject to the game's built-in spawning mechanism. The time between one cookie spawn and the next is always between the 2 numbers Tmin and Tmax (which are initially set at 300 and 900 seconds, respectively). During this interval, there is a

chance for a golden cookie to spawn each frame. (The default frame rate is 30 FPS, or 30 frames per second.)

The probability of a golden cookie spawning can be approximated by the following functions:

where p, P and P-1 are probability density function, cumulative density function and inverse cumulative density function, respectively. T=Tmax-Tmin, measured in seconds.

The mean average spawn time can be approximated as

It is the solution to the equation [1], which is the expected value of time required for the cookie to spawn.

The median spawn time can be approximated as

It is the solution to the equation [2], which is the value that is half the time larger/smaller than the actual time required to spawn the cookie.


The following factors affect Tmin and Tmax:

Type Name Factors
Upgrade Lucky Day 0.5
Upgrade Serendipity 0.5
Upgrade Golden goose egg 0.95
Heavenly upgrade Heavenly luck 0.95
Dragon aura Arcane aura 0.95
Dragon aura Reality Bending 0.995
Golden Sugar Lump Buff Sugar blessing 0.9
Heavenly upgrade Starspawn (during Easter season) 0.98
Heavenly upgrade Starterror (during Halloween season) 0.98
Heavenly upgrade Starlove (during Valentine's Day season) 0.98
Heavenly upgrade Startrade (during Business Day season) 0.95
Pantheon god Jeremy, Spirit of Industry 1.1/1.06/1.03
Pantheon god Mokalsium, Mother Spirit 1.15/1.1/1.05
Pantheon god Selebrak, Spirit of Festivities (Business Day season) 0.955/0.97/0.985
Pantheon god Selebrak, Spirit of Festivities (any other season) 0.97/0.98/0.99
Garden plants[note 5] Ordinary Clover +0.01
Garden plants[note 5] Golden Clover +0.03
Garden plants[note 5] Shimmerlily +0.01
Garden plants[note 5] Fool's Bolete +0.02
Garden plants[note 5] Green Rot +0.01
Garden plants[note 5] Drowsyfern *0.9

These factors stack multiplicatively with each other. For example, if you have Lucky Day, Serendipity and the Sugar Blessing buff, then Tmax=900*0.5*0.5*0.9=202.5 seconds, Tmin=300*0.5*0.5*0.9=67.5 seconds and T=Tmax-Tmin=135 seconds.

Note that Cookie Chains are not affected by these factors and will always have Tmax=900*0.05=45 seconds, Tmin=300*0.05=15 seconds and T=Tmax-Tmin=30 seconds.

Useful tables

The tables below shows some common probabilities. You can reproduce the number by finding P-1:

Time between Golden Cookie Spawns (in seconds)
Chance With no upgrades With only "Lucky day" With "Lucky day" and "Serendipity"
0% (Tmin) 300 150 75
0.1% 349.9 178.0 90.7
1% 373.4 191.2 98.1
10% 408.6 210.9 109.2
25% 428.3 222.0 115.4
33.3% 435.9 226.3 117.8
Average (<t>) 446.562 232.251 121.158
50% 448.6 233.4 121.8
66.6% 460.5 240.0 125.5
75% 466.8 243.6 127.5
90% 481.5 251.9 132.1
99% 503.7 264.3 139.1
99.9% 518.0 272.3 143.6
100% (Tmax) 900 450 225

Golden Goose Egg, Heavenly Luck and Arcane Aura, as well as Startrade during the Business Day season, all multiply the min and max time by 95%. Starspawn during Easter, Starterror during Halloween, as well as Starlove during Valentine's Day, all multiply the min and max time by 98%. The following tables assume that you have Lucky day and Serendipity. With a single 98% upgrade active, the probabilities are:

Chance No 95% upgrades One 95% upgrade Two 95% upgrades Three 95% upgrades
0% (Tmin) 73.5 69.833 66.367 63.033
0.1% 89.0 84.7 80.6 76.6
1% 96.2 91.6 87.2 83.0
10% 107.1 102.0 97.2 92.6
25% 113.3 107.9 102.8 98.0
33.3% 115.6 110.2 105.0 100.0
Average (<t>) 118.887 113.317 108.001 102.940
50% 119.5 113.9 108.6 103.5
66.6% 123.2 117.4 112.0 106.7
75% 125.1 119.3 113.8 108.5
90% 129.7 123.7 118.0 112.5
99% 136.6 130.3 124.3 118.5
99.9% 140.9 134.5 128.3 122.4
100% (Tmax) 220.5 209.5 199.033 189.067

With no 98% upgrades active, the probabilities are:

Chance One 95% upgrade Two 95% upgrades Three 95% upgrades Four 95% upgrades
0% (Tmin) 71.267 67.7 64.333 61.1
0.1% 86.3 82.1 78.2 74.3
1% 93.4 88.9 84.7 80.6
10% 104.0 99.1 94.4 89.9
25% 110.0 104.8 99.9 95.2
33.3% 112.3 107.0 102.0 97.2
Average (<t>) 115.476 110.060 104.903 99.988
50% 116.1 110.7 105.5 100.5
66.6% 119.7 114.1 108.8 103.7
75% 121.6 115.9 110.5 105.4
90% 126.0 120.2 114.6 109.3
99% 132.7 126.6 120.7 115.1
99.9% 137.0 130.7 124.7 118.9
100% (Tmax) 213.767 203.067 192.933 183.267


The duration of a golden cookie is the amount of time it will last for before disappearing. Since you need to actually click on the golden cookie before it vanishes for it to actually have any effect, increasing the longevity of golden cookies makes it easier to find and activate them.


Type Name Factors
Upgrade Lucky Day 2
Upgrade Serendipity 2
Heavenly upgrade Decisive Fate 1.05
Heavenly upgrade Lucky Digit 1.01
Heavenly upgrade Lucky Number 1.01
Heavenly upgrade Lucky Payout 1.01
Garden Plants[note 6] Fool's Bolete *0.98
Garden Plants[note 6] Green Rot +0.005

Additionally, having at least 1 Golden Cookie currently on-screen will reduce the duration of any newly spawned Golden Cookies by 5% per pre-existing golden cookie. This reduction is multiplicative and stacks with all the factors listed above.

Effect Duration

Golden cookies have a chance to give you one of several different buffs, each of which has its own unique effect and duration. The table below gives a summary of the different buffs one can get and what they do, as well as the amount of time they last for.

Name of buff Effect Initial duration (seconds)
Frenzy 7x cookie production 77
Click Frenzy 777x cookies per click 13
Building Special Randomly picks 1 of the buildings you own

Grants (N/10+1)x cookie production (N = quantity of selected building)

Dragon Harvest 15x cookie production 60
Dragonflight 1,111x cookies per click 10
Everything must go All buildings are 5% cheaper 8

Note that the Dragon Harvest and Dragonflight buffs are Krumblor-exclusive and can only be activated if their respective auras (Reaper of Fields & Dragonflight) are equipped. The last buff requires Business day to be active.


The duration of the buffs shown above can be modified by a host of factors, which are listed in the table below:

Type Name Factors
Upgrade Get Lucky 2
Upgrade Green Yeast Digestives 1.01
Heavenly upgrade Lasting Fortune 1.1
Heavenly upgrade Lucky Digit 1.01
Heavenly upgrade Lucky Number 1.01
Heavenly upgrade Lucky Payout 1.01
Dragon aura Epoch Manipulator 1.05
Dragon aura Reality Bending 1.005
Pantheon god Vomitrax, Spirit of Decadence 1.07/1.05/1.02
Garden plants[note 6] Gildmillet +0.001
Garden plants[note 6] Fool's Bolete +0.001
Garden plants[note 6] Queenbeet +0.003

Golden Cookie Gains

Golden Cookie Gains are the amounts of cookies Luckies, Cookie Chains, and Cookie Storms give upon clicking.


The amount of cookies gained can be modified by a host of factors, which are listed in the table below:

Type Name Factors
Upgrade Green Yeast Digestives 1.01
Upgrade Dragon Fang 1.03
Dragon aura Ancestral Metamorphosis 1.05
Dragon aura Reality Bending 1.005
Garden plants[note 6] Gildmillet +0.01
Garden plants[note 6] White Chocoroot +0.01
Garden plants[note 6] Shimmerlily +0.01
Garden plants[note 6] Fool's Bolete 0.95


  • Combos are an extremely effective way to progress through the game. Combos are stacking effects from Golden or Wrath cookies, where each effect will multiply each other's effects. Because of this, multipliers can quickly become gigantic, easily granting several days worth of CpS in a few seconds.
    • The simplest combos are stacking a Frenzy and a Click Frenzy together. Frenzy can be gotten from naturally spawning Golden cookies, while Click Frenzy can be gotten from Force the Hand of Fate with a very high probability (~25% per successful cast).
    • Godzamok from the Pantheon is also a powerful boost to all combos. Note that Godzamok's buff strength stacks between sells even though the tooltip does not update.
  • Buying “Get lucky” allows another golden cookie to spawn before a frenzy runs out. This allows for simple combos such as Frenzy + Click Frenzy to occur without the Grimoire, as well as making Lucky much more powerful.
    • Thus, one should buy the first three golden cookie upgrades: Lucky day, Serendipity, and Get lucky, as fast as possible.
  • Keep at least 100 minutes worth of CpS in bank (or 700 minutes with Get Lucky) in order to make Lucky give the full amount of cookie, which can be almost double the gain from 77 seconds of Frenzy.
  • During cookie storms, zooming in will make every golden cookie spawn in a small area allowing for trivial clicking.
  • Cookie Chains may be used to easily unlock the achievements Early Bird and Fading Luck.
  • Cookie Chains spawn natural Golden cookies, which can be used to farm Golden cookie clicks quickly.
  • Dragonflight is nearly twice as common as Click Frenzy and stronger, but are fairly rare and only gotten from naturally spawned Golden cookies; Click Frenzy has a ~25% chance from Force the Hand of Fate, which is several times more common than either Dragonflight or Click Frenzy from naturally spawned Golden cookies.
  • By using Golden clovers and Nursetulips from the Garden in alternating rows on Clay on a big enough garden, up to 4 buffs (Frenzy, Dragon Harvest, Building Special, and another buff) may be stacked naturally without the use of Distilled Essence of Redoubled Luck or extreme luck. This is at least one more buff than normal, which gives a minimum multiplier of *7 production to all combos.
    • One can stack the three buffs with Dragon Orbs to free up the Garden, but the fourth buff is inaccessible. This might be a viable strategy if the fourth buff is too difficult to be worth obtaining and that the Garden is lacking in size.
  • Due to getting the same buff from golden cookies multiple times increasing duration, having high enough duration or savescumming buffs allows you to extend buffs past their usual duration. Note that the buff tooltip does not update their duration, but their true duration shows upon saving and reopening the game or importing the save.
  • Cookie Chains set the next natural Golden Cookie spawn time to 3 seconds, even if the cookie chain somehow ends before the next golden cookie spawns.
    • This mechanic is used in a strategy called Chain Abuse. Chain Abuse is nearly impossible to execute, but leaves dozens of Golden Cookies onscreen. The steps to execute it are below.
      • Get a double spawn and click the spawn lead. DO NOT CLICK THE PSEUDO NATURAL GOLDEN COOKIE. It will be onscreen until it's clicked or despawns.
      • The spawn lead must give Cookie Chain
      • After 3 seconds, another Golden Cookie will spawn. Click the spawn lead to continue the cookie chain
      • Let the Pseudo natural despawn.
      • After 3 seconds, another non-chain Golden Cookie will spawn. This Golden Cookie will have the properties of a natural Golden Cookie. To continue chain abusing, this spawn must be another double spawn and repeat.

There is a variation where a Storm Drop is clicked instead of letting the Pseudo natural Golden Cookie despawn.


  • Golden Cookie effects, achievements, and upgrades all incorporate the number seven in some form; for example, "Frenzy" gives the player 7x production for 77 seconds, while the "Leprechaun" achievement requires clicking 777 Golden Cookies. This phenomenon is a reference to how Western cultures view seven as a lucky number.
  • The "Frenzy" effect previously provided the player x2 cookie production for 60 seconds.
  • The "Lucky" effect previously gave the player 20% (currently 15%) of their current cookies plus 13.
  • The upgrade "Get Lucky" and its flavor text are a reference to the Daft Punk song by the same name.
  • The flavor text of the "Fortune" achievement could also be a reference to the song.
  • In rare instances, it is possible for a Cookie Chain to end on the first cookie. If this happens, the number of cookies earned depends on the stage the chain started on.
  • All Golden Cookie-related achievements are based on all time clicks, not clicks from the current game.
  • The only two Golden Cookie achievements which involve a number that isn't a multiple of 7 are "A stroke of luck" and "Seven Horseshoes", which need 27 and 27777 golden cookie clicks respectively. This may be a reference to the number of bones in the human hand, the part of the body which would normally do the clicking.
  • Because Golden Cookie-related upgrades are based on all-time clicks, if you unlock the 'Get Lucky' upgrade and reset, once you click one golden cookie, all three upgrades become available.
  • According to a news statement, Golden Cookies taste "somewhere between spearmint and liquorice".
  • The "Fortune" achievement's achievement ID is, probably intentionally, 77. The "Fortune" achievement requires you to click on 77 cookies.
  • Golden Cookies take on a different appearance depending on which season is active:
  • The player can see how many Golden Cookies you have clicked in the Stats menu. The menu also used to include the number of Golden Cookies you didn't click, but Orteil removed the feature because many players were complaining that it was "messing with their OCD". However, the number of missed clicks can still be found by typing Game.missedGoldenClicks into the console.
  • It is impossible to scroll down in menus while hovering over golden cookies. The same is true for wrath cookies.


  1. Wrath cookies from Skruuia have a higher chance of giving negative effects.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 At least one golden cookie click in the current game is needed before the all-time number will be counted for the criteria of upgrades.
  3. Once this upgrade is unlocked, all future ascensions will have it immediately available for purchase from the store.
  4. Based on current cookies per second, including buffs.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 The factors of all garden plants will stack first, then the inverse is combined with other factors multiplicatively in the table. The way that garden factors stack (multiplicatively or additively) depends on the type of the plants and the order of stacking depends on the position of the plants.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 6.6 6.7 6.8 The factors of all garden plants will stack first, then combine with other factors multiplicatively in the table. The way that garden factors stack (multiplicatively or additively) depends on the type of the plants, and the order of stacking depends on the position of the plants.