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This page primarily focuses on ripping Cookie Clicker's assets for use in the wiki, but may be applied for general use if desired.


All image from the web version can be found in the game's image database.

Code files have their own URL's, in the style of, with code being the filename. Valid filenames are:

  • main.js
  • minigameGarden.js
  • minigameGrimoire.js
  • minigamePantheon.js
  • minigameMarket.js



The standalone version of Cookie Clicker (typically from Steam) stores all relevant code and asset files in \resources\app\src, relative to the game's root folder. Its contents are similar to that of web's.

Mobile (Android)

All files relevant to the game's code and assets are stored in \assets\www, relative to the APK's root folder.

Getting APK Source

The game's APK is also where all of its files are stored, akin to Steam's way of storing files locally.

Its contents can be observed and edited by unzipping/unpacking the APK with file archive programs like Winrar and 7-Zip.

Image Conventions


Icons from the spritesheet are typically uploaded in their original forms: size of 48x48, starting from the top left corner.

If the image editing program of choice has it, it is recommended to use a 48x48 grid while ripping icons to see its start and end points. If the grid is painted onto the picture rather than overlaid, remember to remove the grid lines before uploading the image.