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This is a guide for how to write wiki pages. This wiki aims for a consistent style: it should read like an encyclopedia, and it should be easy to read and understand. For editors, this can seem like a difficult task at first, but there are a few guidelines that make it easier:

  • Avoid first- and second-person pronouns, such as "I," "me," and "you." These words make wiki pages sound less official and less encyclopedia-like. Removing them from pages makes them read less like a forum post and more like a wiki page.
    • Obviously, the word "you" can be used in in-game flavor texts and the building called You.
  • Try not to use links too frequently. It becomes redundant eventually. Try to only link to 1 or 2 pages per paragraph, and only link to the same thing a few times per page.
  • Remember “quality over quantity” when writing. Wiki pages should be easy to understand, and it can be hard to do that if you add a ton of wordiness for no reason other than adding wordiness. It doesn’t make you sound smart, it just makes you sound arrogant. Additionally, it requires the reader to read over all your fluff instead of getting straight to the point. They pretty much have to read the same thing over and over again. Did I mention that it just makes you sound arrogant? Or that it requires the reader to read all your fluff?
  • Don't use bold too much. It should be saved for only the most important words. If everything is important, nothing is important.
  • Relegate insignificant information to the trivia section or a footnote. It doesn’t really matter that cookie chains with DEoRL would automatically break before version two point whatever. Did you know that this is the 5th bullet point? That’s the amount of fingers on my hand!
  • Relegate insignificant trivia to a footnote. Trivia sections shouldn't be too big.
  • Remove insignificant footnotes. If information is so insignificant it doesn't matter at all, it shouldn't be in the page at all.
  • When integrating quotes into a paragraph, put a comma before the last quotation mark, and if the sentence is continuing after a quote and the quote ends in a period, replace the period with a comma.
    • For example, "This quote is formatted correctly," and is fine for the wiki.
  • Use contractions sparingly and avoid using slang.

There is obviously more to writing a good wiki page than this, but the guidelines, if followed, greatly increase the quality of a page.