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The Stock Market minigame as of v2.052

The Stock Market is a Minigame in Cookie Clicker based on the Bank building. In the Stock Market, players can purchase cookies, recipes and ingredients, and sell them at higher prices for a surplus of cookies measured in the American dollar ($), where each dollar is equivalent to 1 second of highest unbuffed CpS obtained during the ascension.

In addition to buying and selling resources, the minigame includes an Office, which can be upgraded to increase warehouse capacity and unlock Loans; as well as Stockbrokers, which reduce the overhead cost of buying resources. Loans cost cookies and increase the current CpS for a certain amount of time, but after the time is over, CpS is decreased for a significant amount of time.

Each aspect of the Stock Market is associated with a building. The Office is associated with Cursors, the Stockbrokers are associated with Grandmas, and the resources are each associated with one of the remaining buildings.

Stock market progress (profits/losses, office levels, and bought goods) does not persist between ascensions.

Stock Market Offices

Upgrading your Office increases the warehouse capacity of each resource, and several upgrades also unlock loan slots. Upgrading costs a certain amount of Cursors and require the Cursors to be at a certain level.

Icon Name Description Office Level Cost to Upgrade
Credit garage.png Credit garage This is your starting office.
Upgrading will grant you:
  • +25 warehouse space for all goods
1 100 Cursors (level 2+)
Tiny bank.png Tiny bank This is your office.
Upgrading will grant you:
  • +1 loan slot
  • +50 warehouse space for all goods
2 200 Cursors (level 4+)
Loaning company.png Loaning company This is your office.
Upgrading will grant you:
  • +75 warehouse space for all goods
3 350 Cursors (level 8+)
Finance headquarters.png Finance headquarters This is your office.
Upgrading will grant you:
  • +1 loan slot
  • +100 warehouse space for all goods
4 500 Cursors (level 10+)
International exchange.png International exchange This is your office.
Upgrading will grant you:
  • +1 loan slot
  • +50% base warehouse space for all goods
5 700 Cursors (level 12+)
Palace of Greed.png Palace of Greed This is your office.
It is fully upgraded. Its lavish interiors, spanning across innumerable floors, are host to many a decadent party, owing to your nigh-unfathomable wealth.
6 N/A


Icon Description
Stockbrokers.png A nice broker to trade more cookies.
  • Buying goods normally incurs overhead costs of 20% extra. Each broker you hire reduces that cost by 5%.
  • Buying a broker costs Money.png 20 minutes of CpS (that's $1200).
  • Maximum number of brokers you can own: the highest number of grandmas you've owned this run, divided by 10, plus your grandma level.
"Brokers are Wall Street-class grandmas versed in the ways of finance. Stockbroker grandmas work hard and play hard, and will fight telephone in hand to get your clients the best possible deals - with a sizeable profit margin for you, of course."


The Overhead is the number of cookies you will pay on top of any stock purchase. By getting Stockbrokers this overhead can be minimized to extremely low values, which makes buying-and-selling stock much more profitable.

The 5% reduction is applied multiplicatively, meaning that each new Stockbroker provides lesser reduction than the previous ones. The formula for calculating the overhead based on number of brokers is as follows:

This graph shows the number of brokers needed to get the desired overhead reduction. For example, at 59 brokers the overhead is already lower than 1%, compared to the original 20%.


Loans are unlocked by leveling up your offices. The buttons to trigger them are located just under or to the right of the stockbroker information, depending on zoom level and window size. At max level, there are 3 loan slots, each providing a different CpS boost. On every loan, you must pay a downpayment of a certain percentage of your bank.

Slot Type Description
1st Modest loan By taking this loan, you will get +50% CpS for the next 2 hours.
However, you will get -75% CpS for the next 4 hours after that.
You must also pay an immediate downpayment of 20% of your current bank.
"Buy that vintage car you've always wanted. Just pay us back."
2nd Pawnshop loan By taking this loan, you will get +100% CpS for the next 40 seconds.
However, you will get -90% CpS for the next 40 minutes after that.
You must also pay an immediate downpayment of 40% of your current bank.
"Bad credit? No problem. It's your money, and you need it now."
3rd Retirement loan By taking this loan, you will get +20% CpS for the next 2 days.
However, you will get -20% CpS for the next 5 days after that.
You must also pay an immediate downpayment of 50% of your current bank.
"Finance your next house, boat, spouse, etc. You've earned it."

The costs of a loan is very steep, and they must be used at the right opportunity to be worthwhile. The best time to use them is during a Golden Cookie combo (stacking multiple Golden Cookie effects at once). A loan's bonus is multiplicative and stacks with other buffs (including other loans).

Stock Market Resources

The base warehouse capacity of each resource is the highest amount of that building you've owned in the current ascension, plus ten times the building's Level. The +50% base capacity from Palace of Greed is calculated solely from the 'highest amount of that building' value before considering each building's Level or the additive capacity upgrades from lower level Offices.

Icon Name Description of Resource and Company Associated
Symbol ID
Cereals.png Cereals Old Mills is a trusted staple of the grain industry. Finding their roots in humble pioneer farms centuries ago and honing their know-how ever since, the Old Mills organic crops have reached a standard of quality that even yours struggle to equal. Farm CRL 0
Chocolate.png Chocolate Cocoa Excavations is an international chocolate mining venture whose extraction sites always seem, somehow, to pop up in war-torn countries. Their high-grade chocolate is renowned the world over and has even been marketed, to some success, as suitable gems for engagement rings. Mine CHC 1
Butter.png Butter Bovine Industries is a formerly-agricultural conglomerate that now deals in mechanized dairy mass production. Whistleblowers have drawn attention to the way the milk cows employed by this company are treated, describing it as "not quite cruel or anything, but definitely unusual". Factory BTR 2
Sugar.png Sugar The Candy Trust is a corporate banking group backed by, and specialized in, the trade of high-grade sugar. The origin of said sugar is legally protected by an armada of lawyers, though some suspect they secretly scrape it off of the bank bills coming in before processing it. Bank SUG 3
Nuts.png Nuts Hidden between hills and fog somewhere, the secretive Hazel Monastery has, for centuries, maintained nut crops of the highest quality. The monastery nuts are carefully tended to, harvested and shelled by its monks, who are all required to take a vow of nut allergy as a lifelong test of piety. Temple NUT 4
Salt.png Salt Salt is a versatile substance, with properties both mundane and mystical. This is why the bearded crackpots at Wacky Reagants have perfected the art of turning magic powder into salt, which is then sold to anyone promising to put it to good use - whether it be warding off banshees and ghouls or seasoning a Sunday roast. Wizard Tower SLT 5
Vanilla.png Vanilla After the news broke of vanilla not being native to Earth, Cosmic Exports was the first company to discover its true origin planet - and has struck an exclusive deal with its tentacled inhabitants to ship its valuable, unadulterated beans all over the local quadrant. Shipment VNL 6
Eggs.png Eggs At Organic Gnostics, an egg is seen as a promise. A promise of life and nourishment, of infinite potential, of calcium and protein. An egg can become many things... especially when you're properly funded and don't believe there's room in science for rules or ethics. Alchemy Lab EGG 7
Cinnamon.png Cinnamon The Dimensional Exchange employs a vast team of ragtag daredevils to dive into dangerous underworlds in search of strange native spices. Chief among those is cinnamon, a powder so delicious its true nature can only be unspeakably abominable. Portal CNM 8
Cream.png Cream Once specialized in cosmetics for the elderly, the eggheads at Precision Aging have repurposed their timeshift technology and developed a process allowing them to accelerate, slow down, and even reverse the various phase changes of milk. Their flagship offering, whole cream, is said to be within 0.002% of theoretical ripening optimums. Time Machine CRM 9
Jam.png Jam Pectin Research is a military-backed laboratory initially created with the aim of enhancing and miniaturizing army rations, but now open for public bulk trading. It has recently made forays in the field of highly-concentrated fruit jams, available in a variety of flavors. Antimatter Condenser JAM 10
White chocolate.png White chocolate What was once two college kids messing around with mirrors in their dad's garage is now a world-famous megacorporation. Dazzle Corp's groundbreaking experiments in photonic annealing have led to the creation years ago of a new kind of matter, once derided as impossible by physicists and cooks alike: white chocolate. Prism WCH 11
Honey.png Honey The folks at Prosperity Hive deal in honey, and it's always worked for them. With a work culture so relaxed you're almost tempted to ditch the cookie business and join them, these people have little in common with the proverbial busy bee - though their rates do sting quite a bit. Chancemaker HNY 12
Cookies.png Cookies Interesting. It appears there's still a company out there trying to sell cookies even with your stranglehold on the market. No matter - you figure Selfmade Bakeries' largely inferior product will make decent fodder for the mouse traps in your factories. Fractal Engine CKI 13
Recipes.png Recipes In a post-material world, the market of ideas is where value is created. Figments Associated understands that, and is the prime designer (and patenter) of baking recipes, ingredient nomenclature, custom cooking procedures, and other kitchen processes. Javascript Console RCP 14
Subsidiaries.png Subsidiaries Avoid the uncouth nastiness of mass layoffs and hostile takeovers by delegating the purchase, management, and eventual dissolution of other companies to the boys at Polyvalent Acquisitions. Let 'em deal with it! Idleverse SBD 15
Publicists.png Publicists Get those juices flowing: from market research to advertising, the think tanks at Great Minds will lend their talents to the highest bidder. It's intellectual property on tap. Cortex Baker PBL 16
You (stock).png [Name of Bakery] That's right! Your transcendental business skills are so influential, so universally resounding, that you've become a publicly traded good yourself - you're the best [Name of Bakery]'s Bakery has to offer. Don't disappoint your shareholders, there's a price on your head! Invest in yourself NOW! You YOU 17

Market Behavior

The value of stocks on the market is random but conform to a number of rules. Some rules are affected by Dragon Auras; Supreme Intellect and Reality Bending. Each stock has a hidden delta value that decreases by 3% every tick (2% with Supreme Intellect, 2.9% with Reality Bending, or 1.9% with both). One tick occurs every minute. This delta value is added to the value of the stock every tick and acts as a sort of velocity for the stock. Stocks also have a resting value, based on the Bank level, calculated as follows.

Where id is its index: CRL being 0, CHC being 1, etc.

So, for example, if you have level 10 Banks, the resting value would be $19 for Cereals and $179 for Publicists. Every tick, the value of the stock is gradually shifted toward this value by 1%. Being updated as follows.

After this, the stock's value is fluctuated by a random amount between -3 and 3 using the following formula:

Then its delta is fluctuated by a random amount between -0.05 and 0.05. There is a 15% chance that the stock's value is fluctuated by an additional random amount between -1.5 and 1.5 (with linear distribution), a 3% chance that the value is fluctuated by another additional random amount between -5 and 5 (between -10 and 10 with Supreme Intellect, between -5.5 and 5.5 with Reality Bending, or between -10.5 and 10.5 with both), and a 10% chance that the stock's delta is fluctuated by an additional random amount between -0.15 and 0.15 (between -0.25 and 0.25 with Supreme Intellect, between -0.16 and 0.16 with Reality Bending, or between -0.26 and 0.26 with both).

On top of that, each stock is in 1 of 6 modes with custom additional rules. Stock modes are stored as numerical IDs between 0 and 5. These rules apply once every tick, in addition to the rules listed above that apply regardless of mode.

Standard Mode Selection
ID Mode Chance Details
0 Stable 12.5% The stock's delta is decreased by 5%, then fluctuates by a random value between -0.025 and 0.025.
1 Slow Rise 25% The stock's delta is decreased by 1%, then fluctuates by a random value between -0.005 and 0.045.
2 Slow Fall 25% The stock's delta is decreased by 1%, then fluctuates by a random value between -0.045 and 0.005.
3 Fast Rise 12.5% The stock's value fluctuates by a random value between 0 and 5, and its delta fluctuates by a random value between -0.015 and 0.135. There is a 30% chance of the stock's value fluctuating by an additional random value between -7 and 3, and its delta fluctuating by a random value between -0.05 and 0.05. There is also a 3% chance of the stock changing mode to a Fast Fall.
4 Fast Fall 12.5% The stock's value fluctuates by a random value between -5 and 0, and its delta fluctuates by a random value between -0.135 and 0.015. There is a 30% chance of the stock's value fluctuating by an additional random value between -3 and 7, and its delta fluctuating by a random value between -0.05 and 0.05.
5 Chaotic 12.5% The stock's delta fluctuates by a random value between -0.15 and 0.15. There is also a 50% chance that the stock's value fluctuates by an additional random value between -5 and 5, and a 20% chance that its delta is overridden by a random value between -1 and 1 (between -4 and 4 with Supreme Intellect, between -1.3 and 1.3 with Reality Bending, and between -4.3 and 4.3 with both).

When a stock changes mode it is assigned a random duration value between 10 and 700 (between 10 and 500 with Supreme Intellect, between 10 and 680 with Reality Bending, or between 10 and 480 with both) that decreases every tick. A new mode is chosen when this time runs out, according to the probabilities above. If the stock is in a Fast Rise or Fast Fall while changing mode, there is a 70% chance that it turns Chaotic instead of choosing a mode normally. With Supreme Intellect, there is a 50% chance the stock completely bypasses normal selection and instead turns Chaotic (5% with Reality Bending, and 50% with both).

Additionally, every tick there is a 10% chance of triggering a round of instant mode changes (20% with Supreme Intellect, 11% with Reality Bending, or 21% with both). When this happens, a single random value between -1 and 1 is chosen to apply to all affected stocks, called globD, and each stock is selected at random (25% of them on average) to instantly reselect its mode and suddenly fluctuate its value and delta based on this globD as follows:

  • The stock's value is randomly fluctuated between 2 and 9 + 7×delta scaled by -globD:
  • The stock's delta is uniformly fluctuated between 1 and 5 scaled by globD:

Lastly, the value of a stock has a hard limit of never falling under $1, and when the value is less than $5 the value of the stock is increased by (5 - value)/2, half the distance to $5. If its delta is negative while the stock value is less than $5, the delta is decreased by an additional 5%. If a stock's value surpasses the market cap, its delta is decreased by an additional 10% if it is positive. The market cap is calculated based on the Bank level as follows.

With Supreme Intellect

The Stock Market without (top) and with (bottom) Supreme Intellect, starting from the same point.

The following is a summary of all the aspects of the Stock Market affected by Supreme Intellect (Base Value / Supreme Intellect / Reality Bending / Both Auras):

  1. The severity of base delta decrease each tick
    • Severity: 3% / 2% / 2.9% / 1.9%
  2. The severity of the 3% chance to randomly change the stock value
    • Severity: -5 to 5 / -10 to 10 / -5.5 to 5.5 / -10.5 to 10.5
  3. The severity of the 10% chance to randomly change the stock delta
    • Severity: -0.15 to 0.15 / -0.25 to 0.25 / -0.16 to 0.16 / -0.26 to 0.26
  4. The severity of the 20% chance of selecting a new random stock delta when the stock is Chaotic
    • Severity: -1 to 1 / -4 to 4 / -1.3 to 1.3 / -4.3 to 4.3
  5. The maximum possible duration for a newly selected stock mode
    • Maximum duration: 700 / 500 / 680 / 480
  6. The chance to bypass standard mode selection and instead become Chaotic
    • Bypass chance: 0% / 50% / 5% / 50%


If you feel as though a stock is in a slow or fast rise, buy it as soon as possible, and sell when it starts to decrease. While selling when the stock price is over resting value seems like a good idea, it has been made nearly irrelevant since the stock market rework.

Supreme Intellect often makes stocks reach abnormally high or low prices, which makes obtaining the stock market achievements easier.

After you unlock all achievements, it is recommended to not use the Stock Market again (except for loans) as a lot of time is required for minimal gain as compared to other minigames.

Increasing the highest raw CpS after buying a stock will make the stock sell for more while not needing to wait for it to rise or fall. This may be used to pay back the initial investment dozens of times over.


Icon Name Description ID
Credit garage.png Initial public offering Make your first stock market profit. 457
Tiny bank.png Rookie numbers Own at least 100 of every stock market stock.
"Gotta pump those numbers up!"
Loaning company.png No nobility in poverty Own at least 500 of every market stock.
"What kind of individual is out there cramming camels through needle holes anyway?"
Finance headquarters.png Full warehouses Own at least 1,000 of a stock market stock. 460
Stockbrokers.png Make my day Make a day of CpS ($86,400) in 1 stock market sale. 461
Stockbrokers.png Buy buy buy Spend a day of CpS ($86,400) in 1 stock market purchase. 462
Palace of Greed.png Pyramid scheme Unlock the highest-tier stock market headquarters. 464
International exchange.png Liquid assets [note 1] Have your stock market profits surpass $10 million. 537
Butter.png Debt evasion Take out a loan and ascend before incurring the CpS penalty.
"Really got 'em buttered!"
Palace of Greed.png Gaseous assets [note 2]
(shadow achievement)
Have your stock market profits surpass a whole year of CpS ($31,536,000). 463

Unused "Opportunities"

Opportunity tooltip.

In the code for the Stock Market minigame, there is an unused section of code which allows the player to generate opportunities. Opportunities allow the player to manipulate the stock market to "some degree", with 3 options to choose from. It is thought that these opportunities may be similar to the modes currently used, but the player can stop and start them at will, or may have been in place before loans, possibly due to the fact that they depend on the office level and have 3 options, similar to the loans. The tooltips for opportunities can be accessed by adding this code into the console, and hovering over the Cursor:


Game.attachTooltip( Game.Objects['Cursor'].l, Game.Objects['Bank'].minigame.oppTooltip(), this ); Game.attachTooltip( Game.Objects['Grandma'].l, Game.Objects['Bank'].minigame.refillTooltip, this );

Opportunity lump use.

Additionally, this code allows the player to hover over the grandma to see how sugar lumps would've been used. Opportunities can only be used once an hour; sugar lumps refill this timer and also "give a quick burst to the economy".


  • The stock market is so far the only minigame that doesn't allow the player to spend sugar lumps to speed up the process (although there is an unused piece of code that allows this, see above).
  • The text 'Dough Jones Index' in the stock market background is a reference to the Dow Jones Index.
  • Do note that your progress towards achievements like Liquid Assets (earn $10 million in profit) and Gaseous assets (earn $31 million in profit) will be reset upon ascension.
  • The stock market is generated when unlocked, so reloading and unlocking will change the stock market's prices and modes.


  1. Used to be one year of profit, which has now become a shadow achievement. Changed between 4 months and 3 months of profit in beta, now changed to $10 million.
  2. Used to be a normal achievment, changed to shadow in update 2.031, and replaced with an achievement requiring only $10 million profit.