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The Grimoire interface

The Grimoire is a Minigame in Cookie Clicker based on the Wizard Tower Building. In this minigame, the player casts a variety of spells using magic, each spell having a different effect on gameplay.


Each spell costs magic to use. The Maximum amount of magic that the Grimoire can hold varies depending on the current amount of wizard towers, as well as their building level. Magic refills over time; the lower the magic meter, the slower it refills. Alternatively, up to 100 can be refilled instantly by using a sugar lump.

Icon Name Magic Cost Spell Backfire
Conjure Baked Goods.png Conjure Baked Goods 2 magic +40% of max magic Summon half an hour worth of your CpS[note 1], capped at 15% of your cookies owned. Trigger a 15-minute clot[note 2] and lose 15 minutes of CpS, plus 13.
Force the Hand of Fate.png Force the Hand of Fate 10 magic +60% of max magic Summon a random golden cookie. Each existing golden/wrath cookie makes this spell +15% more likely to backfire. Summon an unlucky wrath cookie.
Stretch Time.png Stretch Time 8 magic +20% of max magic All active buffs gain 10% more time (up to 5 more minutes).[note 3] All active buffs are shortened by 20% (up to 10 minutes shorter). [note 4]
Spontaneous Edifice.png Spontaneous Edifice 20 magic +75% of max magic The spell picks a random building you could afford if you had twice your current cookies, and gives it to you for free.
The building selected must be under 400, and cannot be your most-built one (unless it is your only one).
Lose a random building.
Haggler's Charm.png Haggler's Charm 10 magic +10% of max magic Upgrades are 2% cheaper for 1 minute.
Flavor text: "What's that spell? Loadsamoney!"
Upgrades are 2% more expensive for an hour.
Summon Crafty Pixies.png Summon Crafty Pixies 10 magic +20% of max magic Buildings are 2% cheaper for 1 minute. Buildings are 2% more expensive for an hour.
Gambler's Fever Dream.png Gambler's Fever Dream 3 magic +5% of max magic Cast a random spell at half the magic cost, with twice the chance of backfiring.[note 5] -
Resurrect Abomination.png Resurrect Abomination 20 magic +10% of max magic Instantly summon a wrinkler if conditions are fulfilled.[note 6] Pop one of your wrinklers.
Diminish Ineptitude.png Diminish Ineptitude 5 magic +20% of max magic Spells backfire 10 times less for the next 5 minutes. Spells backfire 5 times more for the next 10 minutes.
  1. Alternatively 7 cookies, whichever is higher
  2. Should a Wrath Cookie be clicked during the 15-minute clot period and the "Clot" effect be given, the clot period will be refreshed, bringing the current clot effect time to expire 15 minutes.
  3. Gained time is based on the total time of the buff, not the current.
  4. Lost time is based on the current time of the buff, not the total.
  5. Bugged at the moment. Currently compares the base fail rate (15% standard; 1.5% with Magic adept; 75% with Magic inept) to a flat fail rate of 50%, and picks the higher of the two.
  6. If conditions are not met, the message "Unable to spawn a wrinkler!" will appear.

Each spell except Gambler's Fever Dream has a base 15% backfire chance. This number may be modifed through:

  • Diminish Ineptitude: x0.1 on success, x5 on backfire
  • Dragon Auras: x aura multiplier
    • Base aura multiplier: 1
    • Supreme Intellect: +0.1
    • Reality Bending: +0.01
  • (Force the hand of Fate only) on-screen golden cookies (+(0.15 x goldenCookieCount))


The seed used to determine the outcome of casting a spell is stored in the save file. More specifically, the result of casting any spell is based on the game seed (this is changed only on ascension) and the total number of spells cast. This means that by saving the game, casting a spell, re-loading the game, and casting the same spell, the outcome will be the same. However, because Force the Hand of Fate uses Golden Cookie mechanics, there may be extra randomness checks before determining the specific bonus from the cookie and each additional check may change the outcome of the spell. These checks occur after determining whether the spell backfires so they have no effect on whether or not the spell backfires, they do however affect the outcome of Wrath Cookies spawned by backfires in the same way. It goes as follows:

Extra randomness checks
Valentine's Day or Easter +1
Any other season 0

This means that depending on the settings the cookie from the spell may have 2 different results. Note however that the result is still deterministic so casting with the same number of spells cast total, same season setting will always yield the same result. This gives the player the opportunity to get different results without having to cast additional spells, provided that the player has unlocked Season switcher Heavenly upgrades.

Since the result is deterministic, it can be verified in advance to see whether a spell will have a favorable outcome, and then use that spell at a later time with predictable results. One application of this is using Force the Hand of Fate to confirm either a Click Frenzy or Elder Frenzy cookie will be generated and use that during a Frenzy, Building Special, and/or Dragonflight buff (note: Click Frenzy cannot be summoned during a Dragonflight).

Also, whether a spell will backfire or not is also deterministic, not tied to each specific spell (note, however, that because Force the Hand of Fate has an additional chance to fail depending on the number of golden cookies on screen, the spell may fail even though other spells would not). This can be manipulated so that the backfire can be "wasted" on a cheap spell such as Haggler's Charm or Gambler's Fever Dream (assuming half the price of Diminish Ineptitude is the cheaper than Haggler's Charm and the Grandmapocalypse isn't active) if it's the cheapest spell.

Force the Hand of Fate

Force the Hand of Fate has no unavoidable risk except losing the magic points (and even this can be avoided). A backfire creates a Wrath Cookie, but clicking it is entirely optional.

If going for cookies, Force the Hand of Fate should be cast when a CpS buff such as Frenzy or better is active. A multiplier effect (such as Click Frenzy over Frenzy) can lead to a massive win in some cases. See Early game combo guide.

The optimal magic count for casting Force the Hand of Fate is 38 (55-57 wizard towers on level 1), while always keeping the maximum magic more than 1 above the current magic for more regeneration while waiting for buffs. For casting it twice, see here.

Outcome of Force the Hand of Fate

The mechanism of this spell follows a random list mechanism.

For golden cookie, the rules are:

  • Add Frenzy and Lucky to a pool.
  • If there is no Dragonflight buff active, add Click Frenzy.
  • 10% chance to add Storm (added twice) and Blab to the pool.
  • 25% chance to add Building Special, if you own more than or equal to 10 total buildings.
    • For all buildings of which you own more than or equal to 10, choose one and buff according to the chosen building's amount. If no building has such quantity, choose Frenzy.
  • 15% chance to replace the pool with Storm Drop.
  • 0.01% chance to add Free Sugar Lump to the pool.
  • Pick a random effect from the pool.

In the following, we assume at least one building's number is more or equal to 10.

The final results are:

No Dragonflight buff
Frenzy=Lucky=C. Frenzy Storm Blab Building StormDrop Sugar
Approx. 25.27172871% 2.732104911% 1.366052455% 5.084722009% 14.99925% 0.002684508929%
FtHoF normal probabilities
With Dragonflight buff
Frenzy=Lucky Storm Blab Building StormDrop Sugar
Approx. 36.69052473% 3.258280714% 1.629140357% 6.729002232% 14.99925% 0.003277232143%
FtHoF dragonflight probabilities

For wrath cookie (backfire), the rules are:

  • Add Clot and Ruin to a pool.
  • 10% chance to add Cursed Finger and Elder Frenzy to the pool.
  • 0.3% chance to add Free Sugar Lump to the pool.
  • 10% chance to replace the pool with Blab.
  • Pick a random effect from the pool.

The final result is:

Clot=Ruin Cursed Finger=Elder Frenzy Sugar Blab
Exact 42.70815% 2.24865% 0.0864% 10%
FtHoF backfire probabilities

Spontaneous Edifice

All Spontaneous Edifice outcomes are seeded just like Force the Hand of Fate. Spontaneous Edifice will not work under the following conditions:

  1. There is 400 or more of every building
  2. No buildings can be afforded
  3. There are equal amounts of every building

If Spontaneous Edifice can't be casted, then the game will give the message "Backfired, but no buildings to destroy!"

Gambler's Fever Dream

When cast, Gambler's Fever Dream will pick a (seemingly) random spell at half its price after a 1 second delay.

Just like the spellcasting rolls determining whether a spell succeeds or fails, the spell picked is based on the random seed for number of spells cast.

Gambler's Fever Dream can only be successfully cast if current magic is sufficient for its initial cost and half-price of another spell. Otherwise, nothing happens.

If a spell is cast while it's requirements aren't met, the magic cost of both the selected spell and Gambler's Fever Dream will be refunded (as if nothing happened), but number of spells cast will still be incremented.

If the next Gambler's Fever Dream spell is Force the Hand of Fate, its golden cookie effect will be the same as the next standalone Force the Hand of Fate golden cookie. However, this does not always apply to wrath cookiess. This quirk may be used to plan ahead with knowledge of the next Force the Hand of Fate's effect, also known as Scrying. This is commonly used to find Click Frenzies, Building Specials, and Elder Frenzies.

Spells Based on Backfire

The outcome of Gambler's Fever Dream outcome is determined by rolling the seed for the number of spells cast. All spells that can be cast for the current amount of magic will be added to a list with evenly distributed selection ranges. If all spells are available to cast, the distribution is as follows:

Spell Selection Range
Conjure Baked Goods.png Conjure Baked Goods 0-0.125
Force the Hand of Fate.png Force the Hand of Fate 0.125-0.25
Stretch Time.png Stretch Time 0.25-0.375
Spontaneous Edifice.png Spontaneous Edifice 0.375-0.5
Haggler's Charm.png Haggler's Charm 0.5-0.625
Summon Crafty Pixies.png Summon Crafty Pixies 0.625-0.75
Resurrect Abomination.png Resurrect Abomination 0.75-0.875
Diminish Ineptitude.png Diminish Ineptitude 0.875-1

The selection ranges may be manipulated by changing the available spells or the spellcast count. See here

Gambler's Fever Dream Skip

Due to the 1 second delay that occurs before the actual spell is cast, it is possible to skip it and only endure the initial cost of Gambler's Fever Dream. Since the spellcast count increments automatically upon casting Gambler's Fever Dream, this technique may be used to cycle through the list of pre-determined spells with lower cost than that of Haggler's Charm (the cheapest spell).

Just after casting, the game should be saved and reloaded before the delay is over (more easily achieved using the save and reload shortcuts). If done correctly, the current magic should have only endured the initial cost while the spellcast count is incremented once.

Gambler's Fever Dream Offset Abuse

The cost of the spell Gambler's Fever Dream will cast is determined the spell is cast. This means that casting Gambler's Fever Dream multiple times, buying Wizard Towers, then refilling magic will allow spells to be casted for a very low price. Keep in mind that this strategy is very hard to execute.

For example:

  • You start at 25 magic with Supreme Intellect
  • You cast Gambler's Fever Dream twice, resulting in Force the Hand of Fate twice for 11 magic each
  • In normal situations, the second Force the Hand of Fate would not cast because it is too expensive. However, buying up to 525 Wizard Towers, then refilling magic will allow both spells to resolve while only costing 11 magic each

Spell confirmation

Resurrect Abomination and the Shimmering Veil can be used to predict if the next spell will backfire or not.

When cast without meeting its requirements, the Resurrect Abomination message will indicate the next spell's state:

  • "Unable to spawn a wrinkler!" - next spell won't backfire
  • "Backfire! But not wrinkler was harmed" - next spell will backfire

The shimmering veil can be used to estimate the chance that the next spell will backfire. The chance to break the veil is determined by number of total cookie clicks when clicked, or by the sum of reindeer and golden cookies clicked when clicking a golden cookie. If this number matches the number of spells cast, their seeds will match the spellcasting seed. Thus, if the veil doesn't break for the number checked, the corresponding spellcast number will have a seeded roll below the veil integrity percentage.

Veil upgrades owned Non-break backfire rates Spells Gambler's Fever Dream selects (assuming all spells available)
1 0-0.1 100% chance of Conjure Baked Goods.png
2 0-0.2 62.5% chance of Conjure Baked Goods.png, 37.5% chance of Force the Hand of Fate.png
3 0-0.3 41.66% chance of Conjure Baked Goods.png, 41.66% chance of Force the Hand of Fate.png, 16.66% chance of Stretch Time.png
4 0-0.4 31.25% chance of Conjure Baked Goods.png, 31.25% chance of Force the Hand of Fate.png, 31.25% chance of Stretch Time.png, 6.25% chance of Spontaneous Edifice.png

If the next spell will backfire, Gambler's Fever Dream has a high chance of casting Diminish Ineptitude, or Resurrect Abomination, the former costing less magic than Haggler's Charm (cheapest spell) and the latter skipping the spell's magic cost, as well as the initial cost of Gambler's Fever Dream.

Magic recharge time

The maximum magic, M, one can have is determined by the following formula:

Where T is the amount of wizard towers owned and L is the level of the wizard towers. How the magic, M, increases over time, starting from empty at t=0, can be approximated by the following formula:

Where time, t, is in minutes. Notice that when L=1 and T<=530, M=100. In most cases, we can approximate M with the quadratic equation only. To estimate how long it takes in minutes to reach the target amount of magic, use the following formula:

Where mi is the current amount of magic available and mf is the desired amount of magic. This time may vary from the actual time taken due to the game running at different frame rates (e.g. when running in the background versus in the foreground). By these calculations, it takes roughly 56 minutes to fully recharge a completely empty magic meter when M=100.

This Desmos graph can be used to calculate the time it will take to reach any amount of magic (m(t)), given the number and level of towers.

This Desmos graph can be used to calculate the amount of time it will take to reach a target amount of magic, given the number and level of towers, and the current amount of magic.

Dualcasting with Force the Hand of Fate

Dualcasting is the act of casting a spell, usually Force the Hand of Fate, then selling a certain amount of Wizard Towers to cast the spell again with the remaining magic. This requires a large time to recharge and use again due to the large magic usage. Below is a table detailing the optimal spots to Dualcast for the Wizard Tower Levels 1-10, and whether Krumblor's Supreme Intellect aura is active. What defines whether a spot is 'Optimal' to Dualcast from is simply whether it is possible to sell Towers quickly in groups of 100 to get from the first cast spot to the second.

First convenient dualcasting spots
Wizard Tower
First Cast
Tower count
Second Cast
Tower count
Refill Time
1 321 21 3015s
2 314 14 3015s
3 308 8 3015s
4 303 3 2997s
5 401 1 3177s
6 401 1 2864s
7 401 1 3194s
8 501 1 2862s
9 501 1 3000s
10 501 1 3030s
Optimal convenient dualcasting spots
Wizard Tower
First Cast
Tower #
Second Cast
Tower #
Refill Time
1 537 37 2786s
2 531 31 2786s
3 524 24 2786s
4 413 13 2863s
5 407 7 2863s
6 403 3 2863s
7 610 10 2907s
8 608 8 2907s
9 604 4 2907s
10 601 1 2907s

By buying back wizard towers to one of the above numbers and using a sugar lump to refill magic, there will be enough magic to dualcast again. This is known as quadcasting, and using another sugar lump after clearing the cool down with a Caramelized sugar lump and repeating the above sets is known as sexcasting.

More dual cast numbers can be found here.

Advanced numbers for combos may be found here.

Ascension spam casting

While the achievement "A wizard is you" for casting 999 spells may seem daunting, there are a few ways to speed it up. When reincarnating, the magic refills to what a single tower would give. When paired with spamming Gambler's Fever Dream, this would give around 6k spells an hour.

Micro optimizations

It is possible to buy buildings and cast while on the Ascension screen. After reincarnating, start the ascend animation, buy Heavenly Chip Secret, a wizard tower, cast Gambler's Fever Dream, and press escape when done casting.

Using 4 of the most expensive cursors upgrades and thousand fingers allows buying a wizard tower without buying Heavenly Chip Secret after ~0.5 seconds with a good amount of achievements. This is useful when paired with the above strategy for optimal spell rates.


Icon Name Description ID
Conjure Baked Goods.png Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Cast 9 spells. 321
Force the Hand of Fate.png I'm the wiz Cast 99 spells. 322
Diminish Ineptitude.png A wizard is you Cast 999 spells.
"I'm a what?"


  • Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo is a reference to Disney's Cinderella.
  • "A wizard is you" is a reference to "A winner is you," a meme from Nintendo Pro Wrestling.
    • The description "I'm a what?" is a reference to Harry Potter.
  • "I'm the wiz" is a reference to a character in the Seinfeld episode "The Junk Mail"
  • The flavor text of Haggler's Charm, "What's that spell? Loadsamoney!", is a reference to the song Loadsamoney (Doing up the house) by Harry Enfield, featuring the lines "What's that spell? Loadsamoney, probably".
  • Spawning a golden cookie from Force the Hand of Fate during a cookie chain will summon a golden cookie that has the duration of a chain golden cookie but gives the buffs of a normal Force the Hand of Fate cookie. Clicking or letting this golden cookie despawn will end the chain and a normal golden cookie will spawn when the golden cookie timer reaches 0.
  • The "Just Wrong" achievement can be unlocked by losing a grandma to Spontaneous Edifice backfiring.
  • Having less than 10 total buildings changes Force the Hand of Fate probabilities, although not yet calculated.
  • Gambler's Fever Dream can cast a Golden Cookie on the Ascension Screen. This Golden Cookie may be clicked.