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Krumblor as it appears during a Dragonflight or Dragon Harvest.

Krumblor the cookie dragon is a widget in Cookie Clicker, providing passive boosts to gameplay through selectable auras. It can be unlocked through the 'How to bake your dragon' Heavenly Upgrade, and it can be upgraded through sacrificing buildings and cookies, unlocking new auras.


Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
How to bake your dragon.png How to bake your dragon
(heavenly upgrade)
"Legacy" purchased MoneyHC.png 9 Allows you to purchase a crumbly egg once you have earned 1 million cookies.
"A tome full of helpful tips such as 'oh god, stay away from it', 'why did we buy this thing, it's not even house-broken' and 'groom twice a week in the direction of the scales'."
Pet the dragon.png Pet the dragon
(heavenly upgrade)
"How to bake your dragon" and "Residual luck" purchased MoneyHC.png 100 billion Unlocks the ability to pet your dragon by clicking on it once hatched.
"Dragons do not purr. If your dragon starts purring, vacate the area immediately."
Dragon egg.png A crumbly egg 1 million cookies earned and "How to bake your dragon" purchased Money.png 25 Unlocks the cookie dragon egg.
"Thank you for adopting this robust, fun-loving cookie dragon! It will bring you years of joy and entertainment.
Keep in a dry and cool place, and away from other house pets. Subscription to home insurance is strongly advised."
Dragon scale.png Dragon scale Random drop from petting Krumblor Money.png 1,800 x CpS
(max level dragon:
Money.png 180 x CpS)
Cookie production multiplier +3%.
Cost scales with CpS, but 10 times cheaper with a fully-trained dragon.
"Your dragon sheds these regularly, so this one probably won't be missed.
Note: icon not to scale."
Dragon claw.png Dragon claw Random drop from petting Krumblor Money.png 1,800 x CpS
(max level dragon:
Money.png 180 x CpS)
Clicks are +3% more powerful.
Cost scales with CpS, but 10 times cheaper with a fully-trained dragon.
"Will grow back in a few days' time.
A six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, from the middle toe. So you know, try to show a little respect."
Dragon fang.png Dragon fang Random drop from petting Krumblor Money.png 1,800 x CpS
(max level dragon:
Money.png 180 x CpS)
+3% golden cookie gains.
Dragon harvest and Dragonflight are 10% stronger.
Cost scales with CpS, but 10 times cheaper with a fully-trained dragon.
"Just a fallen baby tooth your dragon wanted you to have, as a gift.
It might be smaller than an adult tooth, but it's still frighteningly sharp - and displays some awe-inspiring cavities, which you might expect from a creature made out of sweets."
Dragon teddy bear.png Dragon teddy bear Random drop from petting Krumblor Money.png 1,800 x CpS
(max level dragon:
Money.png 180 x CpS)
+3% random drops.
Cost scales with CpS, but 10 times cheaper with a fully-trained dragon.
"Your dragon used to sleep with this. Now it's time for you to have it.
Crafted in the likelihood of a fearsome beast. Stuffed with magical herbs picked long ago by a wandering wizard. Woven from elven yarn and a polyester blend."
Dragon cookie.png Dragon cookie "Bake dragon cookie" dragon training completed Money.png 70 quadrillion Cookie production multiplier +5%.
"Imbued with the vigor and vitality of a full-grown cookie dragon, this mystical cookie will embolden your empire for the generations to come."

Dragon Stages

Switching auras costs one of the highest tier building owned.

Appearance Title Available action/description Sacrifice
Dragon egg Chip it 1 million cookies
2 million cookies
4 million cookies
Shivering dragon egg Hatch it 8 million cookies
Krumblor, cookie hatchling Train Breath of Milk
Aura: kittens are 5% more effective
16 million cookies
Train Dragon Cursor
Aura: clicking is 5% more effective
100 Cursors
Train Elder Battalion
Aura: grandmas gain +1% CpS for every non-grandma building
100 Grandmas[note 1]
Train Reaper of Fields
Aura: golden cookies may trigger a Dragon Harvest
100 Farms
Krumblor, cookie dragon Train Earth Shatterer
Aura: buildings sell back for 50% instead of 25%
100 Mines
Train Master of the Armory
Aura: all upgrades are 2% cheaper
100 Factories
Train Fierce Hoarder
Aura: all buildings are 2% cheaper
100 Banks
Train Dragon God
Aura: prestige CpS bonus +5%
100 Temples
Train Arcane Aura
Aura: golden cookies appear 5% more often
100 Wizard towers
Train Dragonflight
Aura: golden cookies may trigger a Dragonflight
100 Shipments
Train Ancestral Metamorphosis
Aura: golden cookies give 10% more cookies
100 Alchemy labs
Train Unholy Dominion
Aura: wrath cookies give 10% more cookies
100 Portals
Train Epoch Manipulator
Aura: golden cookie effects last 5% longer
100 Time machines
Train Mind Over Matter
Aura: +25% random drops
100 Antimatter condensers
Train Radiant Appetite
Aura: all cookie production multiplied by 2
100 Prisms
Train Dragon's Fortune
Aura: +123% CpS per golden cookie on-screen
100 Chancemakers
Train Dragon's Curve
Aura: sugar lumps grow 5% faster, 50% weirder
100 Fractal engines
Train Reality Bending
Aura: 10% of every other aura, combined
100 Javascript consoles
Train Dragon Orbs
Aura: selling your best building may grant a wish
100 Idleverses
Train Supreme Intellect
Aura: confers various powers to your minigames
100 Cortex bakers
Train Dragon Guts
Aura: Enhanced wrinklers
100 You
Bake dragon cookie
50 of every building
Train secondary aura
Lets you have two dragon auras simultaneously
200 of every building
Your dragon is fully trained


Icon Aura Name Description Aura Effect
Breath of Milk.png
Breath of Milk Kittens are 5% more effective. Milk Effect: 1.05x
With Reality Bending: 1.055x
Dragon Cursor.png
Dragon Cursor Clicking is 5% more effective. Clicking Effect: 1.05x
With Reality Bending: 1.055x
Elder Battalion.png
Elder Battalion Grandmas gain +1% CpS for every non-grandma building. Grandma Multiplier:
With Reality Bending:
Reaper of Fields.png
Reaper of Fields Golden cookies may trigger a Dragon Harvest. Golden Cookie Effect Pool:
19.25% chance of pooling
(5% from Wrath Cookies)
With Reality Bending: 19.25%
(5% from Wrath Cookies)
[note 2]
Earth Shatterer.png
Earth Shatterer Buildings sell back for 50% instead of 25%. Sellback Rate: 50%
With Reality Bending: 52.5%
Master of the Armory.png
Master of the Armory All upgrades are 2% cheaper. Upgrade Discount: 0.98x
With Reality Bending: 0.978x
Fierce Hoarder.png
Fierce Hoarder All buildings are 2% cheaper. Building Discount: 0.98x
With Reality Bending: 0.978x
Dragon God.png
Dragon God Prestige CpS bonus +5%. Prestige Bonus: 1.05x
With Reality Bending: 1.055x
Arcane Aura.png
Arcane Aura Golden cookies appear +5% more often. Golden Spawn: 1.05x
With Reality Bending: 1.055x
Dragonflight Golden cookies may trigger a Dragonflight. Golden Cookie Effect Pool:
19.25% chance of pooling
(5% from Wrath Cookies)
With Reality Bending: 19.25%
(5% from Wrath Cookies)
[note 2]
Ancestral Metamorphosis.png
Ancestral Metamorphosis Golden cookies give 10% more cookies. Golden Gain: 1.1x
With Reality Bending: 1.11x
Unholy Dominion.png
Unholy Dominion Wrath cookies give 10% more cookies. Wrath Gain: 1.1x
With Reality Bending: 1.11x
Epoch Manipulator.png
Epoch Manipulator Golden cookies last 5% longer.[note 3] Golden Time: 1.05x
With Reality Bending: 1.055x
Mind Over Matter.png
Mind Over Matter Random drops are 25% more common.[note 4] Random Drops: 1.25x
With Reality Bending: 1.275x
Radiant Appetite.png
Radiant Appetite All cookie production multiplied by 2. Cookie Production: 2x
With Reality Bending: 2.1x
Dragon's Fortune.png
Dragon's Fortune +123% CpS per golden cookie on-screen, multiplicative.[note 5] Golden CpS Bonus: 2.23x
With Reality Bending: 2.353x
Dragon's Curve.png
Dragon's Curve +5% sugar lump growth and sugar lumps are twice as likely to be unusual. Sugar Lump Effects:
  • Aging Multiplier: 1.05x
    With Reality Bending: 1.055x
  • Type Selection: 1 reroll
    With Reality Bending: 1 reroll,
    10% chance of 2nd reroll
Reality Bending.png
Reality Bending One tenth of every other dragon aura, combined. Base effects. See other auras for combined effects when equipped alongside Reality Bending.
  • Milk Effect: 1.005x
  • Clicking Effect: 1.005x
  • Grandma Multiplier:
  • Dragon Harvest pooling:
    1.925% (or 0.5%) chance
  • Sellback Rate: 27.5%
  • Upgrade Discount: 0.998x
  • Building Discount: 0.998x
  • Prestige Bonus: 1.005x
  • Golden Spawn: 1.005x
  • Dragonflight pooling:
    1.925% (or 0.5%) chance
  • Golden Gain: 1.01x
  • Wrath Gain: 1.01x
  • Golden Time: 1.005x
  • Random Drops: 1.025x
  • Cookie Production: 1.1x
  • Golden CpS Bonus: 1.123x
  • Sugar Lump Effects:
    1.005x Aging Multiplier,
    10% chance of 1 reroll
  • Wish Chance: 1%
  • Minigame Powers
    Garden: 0.5% faster.
    Stock Market: Slightly chaotic.
    Pantheon: No effect.
    Grimoire: 1% difference.
  • Wrinkler Effects:
    1.02x wrinkler wither rate,
    1.02x wrinkler drop rate
Dragon Orbs.png
Dragon Orbs With no buffs and no golden cookies on screen, selling your most powerful building has 10% chance to summon one. Wish Chance: 10%
With Reality Bending: 11%
Supreme Intellect.png
Supreme Intellect Confers various powers to your minigames while active.
See the bottom of each minigame for more details.[note 6]
Garden Garden plants age and mutate 5% faster.
With Reality Bending: 5.5% faster.
Stock Market The stock market is more chaotic.
With Reality Bending: More chaotic.
Pantheon The jade slot behaves as a ruby slot and the ruby slot behaves as a diamond slot.
With Reality Bending: Base effect.
Grimoire Grimoire spells are 10% cheaper but fail 10% more.
With Reality Bending: 11% difference.
Dragon Guts.png
Dragon Guts You can attract 2 more wrinklers.
Wrinklers digest 20% more cookies.
Wrinklers explode into 20% more cookies.
Wrinkler Effects:
  • Number of wrinklers: +2
    Unaffected by Reality Bending
  • Wrinkler wither rate: 1.2x
    With Reality Bending: 1.22x
  • Wrinkler drop rate: 1.2x
    With Reality Bending: 1.22x

Petting the Dragon

After purchasing Pet the dragon, Krumblor can be pet by clicking its icon. If leveled up beyond level 8 (after sacrificing 100 farms), there is a 5% chance to drop an upgrade for every pet.

The next upgrade dropped upon petting is picked like so:

  • Shuffle list of available drops
  • Pick a drop in the list based on time in minutes
    • If minutes are 0 - 14, first upgrade is dropped
    • If minutes are 15 - 29, second upgrade is dropped
    • etc

Since the shuffle is based only on the game seed, to get all four drops, it is necessary to pet the dragon every quarter of an hour.

The 5% chance is not affected by upgrades and effects that change random drop rates.


Two comprehensive Krumblor guides: pastebin and google docs

If a player is going for the overall highest CPS boosts with auras, a combination of Breath of Milk, Elder Battalion, and Radiant Appetite will produce the largest CPS increase (the combination of two that produces the largest increase depends on the player's current progression in the game, see below). If a player is going for harvesting as many sugar lumps as possible, they should use a combination of Dragon's Curve and Reality Bending, as it reduces the maturation time and increases unusual lump rate the most.


This image shows the multiplier for the Breath of Milk dragon aura, based on the milk percentage and which kitten upgrades are active. The bottom line is the base multiplier, the next lines are the multiplier with Mokalsium, Mother Spirit at 5% or 10%. The lines for each kitten upgrade assume that all previous kitten upgrades are active as well. The base line assumes Santa's milk and cookies has been bought, but the 1.05 milk multiplier of Santa's milk would equal Mokalsium, Mother Spirit at 5%.

Using the Dragon's Cursor is not recommended, as if you have even just one mouse upgrade, Breath of Milk will usually improve your CpC (cookies per click) by more than 5% indirectly by increasing CpS (cookies per second), and Radiant Appetite will flat out double CpC through the CpS buff.

With optimal building distribution, Elder Battalion will give an overall very early game production increase of about 1%. The power of this aura will be minimal until you approach 12,000+ buildings owned and after purchasing "Elder Pact", where it will start to dramatically outperform Radiant Appetite. The aura's power will afterwards start to slowly decrease as one unshackles more buildings past fractal engines. In addition, the aura can be used to quickly obtain the achievements that require the player to bake a certain amount of cookies with Grandmas quicker, due to having a larger general CpS buff to grandma CpS than most other auras (although this is mostly irrelevant). However, this should not be used with Godzamok due to a decreased efficiency from selling buildings except for some cases .

Reaper of Fields gives naturally spawned Golden cookies a chance to yield Dragon Harvest, which multiplies CpS by 15 (17 with Dragon fang), and has a chance of ~6.2%. It may be added on top of frenzies through Dragon Orbs or stacking frenzy duration so that another golden cookie (and perhaps one after that) may be stacked with it.


Earth Shatterer should be used before selling all buildings and using the Chocolate egg, since Chocolate egg gives 5% of the current amount of cookies in bank. However, note that selling buildings do not increase the Cookies baked all time stat, so it does not increase prestige either - aside from if the sell makes the amount of cookies in bank exceed the Cookies baked this ascension stat.

The overall effect of Dragon God scales up to 5% with Prestige, as shown in this image on a log scale. Its full potential (of +5% CpS) is reached at approximately 900.7 quadrillion prestige. It should not be used for CpS.

Master of the Armory and Fierce Hoarder may be slotted whenever buying upgrades or buildings.

Arcane Aura is used to increase golden cookie spawn rates while being unable to perform DO ASS CLGCF, and stacking golden cookies for combos.

Dragonflight gives naturally spawned Golden cookies a chance to yield Dragonflight, which multiplies click power by 1111 (1223 with Dragon fang), and is about twice as common than Click Frenzy with a chance of ~6.2%. However, unlike Click Frenzy, it can never be gotten from the Grimoire, where Click Frenzy can be gotten with a 25% chance from successful casts of Force the Hand of Fate. Optimally, one would slot in this aura whenever clicking naturally spawned Golden cookies, then instantly swapping it to another (most likely CpS increasing) aura afterwards. Note that there are several restrictions on Dragonflight (the buff). Most notably, it overrides Click Frenzy at a 80% chance, and prevents Force the Hand of Fate from giving out Click Frenzy whenever it is active. In addition, Click Frenzy from naturally spawned Golden cookies are 20 times less common while it is active.

Ancestral Metamorphosis and Unholy Dominion only affect Lucky, Chain, and Cookie Storms. The benefit of Ancestral Metamorphosis is best utilized from slotting it when Lucky will cap at a percentage of bank and right before a chain breaks (although this may make the reward under 6 hours of CpS).

Epoch Manipulator is used for stacking buffs along with arcane aura. It is recommended over arcane aura because the increased time makes combo execution easier.

Mind over Matter is used for grinding seasonal upgrades and garden drops.

Radiant Appetite has a flat 100% bonus to all production. It easily produces the largest boost in production out of all almost the auras, with exceptions including Elder Battalion and Dragon's Fortune, which may sometimes produce more than it.

Dragon's Fortune can grant a multiplier of over 2 with just one golden cookie on the screen. This can be coupled well with Force The Hand Of Fate, as its multiplier can stack up extremely quickly without bound, resulting in a CpS multiplier of x5, x11.1, and x24.7 with 2, 3, and 4 Golden Cookies on screen, respectively. It is often used in conjunction with strategies such as Force The Hand Of Fate dualcasting or quadcasting to provide a large boost during combos.

Dragon's Curve only affects sugar lumps, but they can be used to buy various improvements. See sugar lump strategy.

Reality Bending has many effects, and may depend on the 2nd aura. Its effect is additive with the second aura.

Dragon Orbs can be used to very quickly kickstart an ascension through forcing combos without any of the primary Golden cookie upgrades, as well as making getting buff stacks easier. It can also be used to obtain Easter eggs quickly, as well as increase Golden Cookie Clicks faster (the spawns do not increment said stat, but Cookies Chains from these spawns force the next natural spawn to be a Cookie Chain, which results in more Golden Cookie Clicks due to the elevated chance for Cookie Chains).

Supreme Intellect gives the following buffs to minigames:

  • Garden plants age and mutate 5% faster
  • The Stock Market is more chaotic
  • The jade slot of the Pantheon behaves as a ruby slot and the ruby slot behaves as a diamond slot
  • Spells from the Grimoire are 10% cheaper but backfire 10% more

Supreme Intellect may be used to make plants age and mutate faster, although this may unbalance growth and gives less time for the plants to mutate. The stock market becomes faster paced, making the grind to Gaseous Assets faster. Boosting the pantheon swaps may be used to optimize certain grinds such as using the wrinkler spawn rate buff from Skruuia and golden cookie frequency buff from Selebrak at the same time. Assuming that Selebrak is in the ruby or jade slot, it may be swapped in every single Reindeer spawn to utilize the reindeer frequency and biscut drop rate buff. The cheaper grimoire spells may be utilized with special quadcasting strategies. The increased backfire chance may cause some spells to backfire. This may be used to get Elder Frenzy from an otherwise impossible position. It may also be used to find the backfire rate range of certain spells (eg. if a spell needs Supreme Intellect to backfire, then the backfire range is between 0.835 and 0.85).

Dragon Guts increases the bonus cookies generated by popping Wrinklers and increases the maximum amount of Wrinklers. When it is considered that its 20% wrinkler pop stat can be utilized independently and without having it on passively (by slotting when popping wrinklers, akin to Skruuia, which frees up a slot to slot another CpS aura), it provides an overall idle CpS increase of approximately 60% (fluctuates ~5%), making it inferior to Breath of Milk. If that is not considered, it is almost comparable to Radiant Appetite and Breath of Milk in terms of idle CpS, having a CpS increase of approximately 90%. Note that due to its Wrinkler cap increase, it also slightly increases Wrinkler spawn rate, so swapping between Dragon Guts and an aura that boosts random drop chance will finish Easter or Halloween faster.


Icon Name Description ID
Dragon egg.png Here be dragon Complete your dragon's training. 222


  1. Sacrificing grandmas fulfills the unlock condition of the "Just Wrong" achievement.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Having the aura Reality Bending active alongside this aura doesn't improve the chances of the golden cookie outcome.
  3. This upgrade affects the effect duration of Golden and Wrath cookies, and not the on-screen duration.
  4. This affects garden upgrade drops, eggs during easter, and flavored seasonal cookies from Halloween and Christmas.
  5. This does not include the golden cookies created by a cookie storm.
  6. The minigame information can be accessed via a dragon head icon (Pet the dragon.png) under each minigame. Reality Bending does not display information boxes when selected alone, but it does provide a boost as long as Supreme Intellect is unlocked. If both auras are selected, the values in the information boxes change accordingly.


  • Krumblor will always appear below Santa.
  • The left slot for Krumblor is considered the secondary aura slot, while the right slot is considered the primary aura slot.
  • Krumblor makes a cameo appearance in AdventureQuest Dragons, another game made by Orteil in conjunction with Artix Entertainment.
  • If the player has no buildings, there is no cost for switching auras.
  • It takes a minimum of 4.98202195202296e+39 (4.98 duodecillion) cookies total to complete Krumblor's training.
  • It is impossible to trigger Dragon Orbs if the sell removes all of the highest buildings.


  • The upgrade "How to bake your dragon" is a reference to the book (and subsequent movie) "How to Train your Dragon" by Cressida Cowell.
  • The aura "Dragon's Curve" is a reference to the family of fractals of the same name.
  • The aura "Dragon Orbs" is a reference to the Dragon Ball series of anime and manga.
    • The reference was likely made due to the resemblance of the Idleverse's icon to the titular "Dragon Balls" of the Japanese franchise.
    • This relation likely also served as inspiration for the aura's effect, as one who collects the Dragon Balls is then granted a wish by a dragon.
  • The achievement "Here be dragon" is a reference to the phrase here be dragons.
  • The "Dragon Claw" random drop's description is a reference to "Jurassic Park", in which paleontologist Alan Grant describes a Velociraptor claw to a child.