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The Big Cookie's regular appearance

The Cookie, or Big Cookie, is an interactable object central to Cookie Clicker's gameplay, producing cookies when clicked on. It refers to the cookie on the left side of the screen. The cookies produced this way count as "hand-made cookies," which are recorded on the stats screen and are used for several achievements and upgrades.

When the cookie is clicked, it momentarily decreases slightly in size, produces a small cookie particle effect, and displays a number that fades away while floating up to the top of the screen, indicating how many cookies the player earns from clicking the cookie. These can be disabled in the settings.

The cookie is destroyed and reformed during the process of Ascension.

The Big Cookie during Ascension

Cookie Clicking

See more about cookie clicking in Cookies per Click.


Icon Name Description ID
Plain milk.png Cookie-dunker [note 1] Dunk the cookie.
"You did it!"
Shadow mouse.png Neverclick [note 2] Make 1 million cookies by only having clicked 15 times. 29
Shadow mouse.png Uncanny clicker Click really, really fast.
"Well I'll be!"
Shadow mouse.png True Neverclick [note 2]
(shadow achievement)
Make 1 million cookies with no cookie clicks.
"This kinda defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?"
  1. You can get the "Cookie-dunker" achievement by re-sizing the browser window vertically when you have earned at least 3 achievements (12% milk). Display of Milk does not need to be enabled in the Options.
  2. 2.0 2.1 These achievements can only be obtained before ascending for the first time (or after ascending without gaining anything) or in Challenge Mode.

Grandma Cookie

The "imperfect" Big Cookie with the grandma face on it.

It is possible to turn the cookie into a cookie with a grandma face on it by copying this code into the console:


To remove it without refreshing the page, use this code.



Orteil's head fades away after appearing due to a click.
  • In the game's coding, the Big Cookie is referred to as the "perfectCookie," and the "Grandma Cookie" is referred to as the "imperfectCookie."
  • There is a 1/10,000 chance that when clicking on the Big Cookie, Orteil's head will appear instead of a random cookie type. Naming yourself "Ortiel," a common misspelling of Orteil, guarantees replacement of every cookie particle generated, including those by Wrinklers, along with draining your CpS by 2%.