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Shimmers are objects in Cookie Clicker that appear on-screen and can be clicked for unique effects. Shimmers include the Golden cookie, Wrath cookie, and Reindeer. All shimmers will only appear under certain conditions.

Golden Cookie and Wrath Cookie

A golden cookie
A wrath cookie

Golden Cookies and Wrath Cookies can spawn naturally, pseudo-naturally, and forcefully.


Natural Golden Cookies and Wrath Cookies spawn randomly on different intervals of time depending on your Golden Cookie related upgrades, give an increase in the amount of Golden Cookies clicks, and produce random outcomes.

Spawn conditions

Natural Golden Cookies and Wrath Cookies spawn from 300 to 900 seconds with no Golden Cookie related upgrades, from 150 to 450 seconds with "Lucky Day", and from 75 to 225 seconds with "Lucky Day" and "Serendipity". Other factors can change the spawn time of Golden Cookies and Wrath Cookies like buying the "Golden Goose egg", "Heavenly Luck" and "Arcane Aura". Golden cookies can be replaced with Wrath cookies, which have a 0% chance of appearing in place of a Golden Cookie while the Grandmapocalypse has not started, 33% chance if Grandmapocalypse is in stage 1, 67% chance if it is in stage 2, and 100% chance if it is in stage 3.


Pseudo-Natural Golden Cookies and Wrath Cookies behave just like natural golden cookies, but do not affect the current Golden cookie spawn timer or increase the Golden cookie clicks stat when clicked. They typically do not spawn from natural sources.

Spawn conditions

Pseudo-Natural Golden Cookies and Wrath Cookies can come from Dragon Orb aura, which gives a 10% chance of making a golden/wrath cookie appear everytime you sell one of your best building (the last one on the list you've bought, usually You) if conditions are fullfilled; Fortune which is a fortune that comes from the news ticker if you have the fortune cookies upgrade, and spawns a golden/wrath cookie; or the doubled spawn from the "Distilled Essence of Redoubled Luck" heavenly upgrade, which has a 1% chance of giving an extra Golden/Wrath cookie with every normal spawn.


Forced Golden/Wrath Cookies, unlike the other golden/wrath cookies, must be a certain outcome.

Spawn conditions

These can be spawned from Force the Hand of Fate, Cookie Chains if the game believes that it is in a Cookie Chain, and Cookie Storms spawning Cookie Storm Drops.


A reindeer

Reindeer initially give 1 minute worth of CPS when clicked, and give 2 minutes worth of CPS when clicked after buying the "Ho ho ho-flavored frosting" upgrade. They also have a small chance of dropping a Christmas Cookie when clicked. If a reindeer is clicked during a Frenzy the cookies gained are multiplied by 0.75, and are halved if its clicked during an Elder Frenzy.

Spawn conditions

Reindeer can only spawn during the Christmas season, and have a chance of appearing from 198 to 360 seconds with no related upgrades, from 188 to 342 seconds with only "Starsnow", from 100 to 180 seconds with only "Reindeer baking grounds", and from 95 to 171 seconds with both.


Pseudo-Natural Reindeer behave just like natural golden cookies, but do not affect the current Reindeer timer or increase the Reindeer clicks stat when clicked. They only spawn from Distilled Essence of Redoubled Luck.

Cosmetic Golden/Wrath Cookies

Easter, Valentines, Business Day and Halloween seasons change the appearance of golden/wrath cookies. Effects such as giving eggs or triggering 'Everything Must Go' are tied to the current season upon being clicked.

During Easter for example, it is possible for a rabbit to spawn but unable to give an egg if the season is changed before it is clicked.