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This is the general guide for combos. For advanced combos, see Endgame combo guide.

What is a Combo?

Combos stack multiple golden cookie (gc) effects to raise cookies per second (CpS) and Cookies per Click greatly for a short period of time.

How To Perform Combos

  1. Obtain the desired natural Golden Cookie buffs (and wait for another onscreen natural Golden Cookie for a chance at Dragon Flight if time allows)
  2. Turn on the Golden Switch and Loans in that order
  3. Dualcast Force the Hand of Fate (Quadcasting is not worth it for smaller combos)
  4. Change Dragon Auras for CpS
  5. Sell buildings for Godzamok
  6. Slot Mokalsium into diamond if ascending afterwards
  7. Click

One CpS multiplier and a CpC multiplier is a combo!

Additional Strategies

Magic Optimization

Keep maximum magic at 38[note 3], which is 55 to 57 wizard towers at level 1. 38 magic minimizes the amount of time taken to regenerate magic from the magic remaining after one Force the Hand of Fate cast with the maximum amount of magic, assuming that no spell cost reduction is active.

When magic is above 100, keep the maximum magic 1 above the current magic to optimize regeneration.

Pre-Check for Force The Hand of Fate Success

It is possible to predict the backfiring of spells without savescumming or using the FtHoF planner. In order to find out if FtHoF will succeed, cast the spell Resurrect Abomination outside the Grandmapocalypse; this uses no magic. If the message "Unable to spawn a wrinkler!" appears, then the next spell will succeed. If the message "Backfire! But no wrinkler was harmed" appears, then cast Gambler's Fever Dream[note 4] to avoid the backfire. This is known as RA confirming.

Pantheon - Temple Synergy

Then there is the pantheon. This is the temple minigame, unlocked by upgrading temples to level 1 using a sugar lump. You want Godzamok in diamond, Muridal in ruby and Dotjeiess in jade earlygame (before 365 prestige), however you would change this when you ascend. You want to see what buildings produce less than about 2% of your total cps with synergies beforehand so you can see what buildings to sell for the Godzamok buff during a combo. Then, during a combo, you would sell all of these buildings for the Godzamok click buff[note 5].

Keep in mind that selling wizard towers will remove any magic saved over the minimum with the given tower level, so selling them is not ideal unless if the magic will regenerate before the next combo.

In later stages of the game, strategies for Godzamok change. Check Godzamok for more details.

Assuming that the player is ascending after the combo, one may slot Mokalsium into Diamond slot after selling buildings for Godzamok (and slot Holobore in ruby by extension).


Main article: Krumblor#Strategy

Krumblor is helpful for combos as a simple background CpS boost, golden cookie spawn rate or duration buff, or introducing new powerful golden cookie effects. A run-down of buffs are provided below:

  • For an increase in CpS, use Breath of Milk[note 6] and Radiant Appetite.
  • Arcane Aura and Epoch Manipulator are both used to increase the amount of Golden Cookies that spawn and the amount of time there is to execute the combo.
  • Dragon Flight and Dragon Harvest are both very powerful buffs, increasing CpC by 1,111x and 15x respectively (1,223x and 17x with Dragon's Fang). While Dragon Harvest is used for late game combos, Dragon Flight is an alternative to Click Frenzy. Neither Dragon Flight nor Dragon Harvest can spawn from a Force the Hand of Fate Golden Cookie
    • Dragon Flight is nearly twice as common as Click Frenzy from natural Golden Cookies.
    • When the Dragon Flight buff (not the aura) is on, Click Frenzy cannot spawn from Force the Hand of Fate Golden Cookies.
    • When the Dragon Flight buff is on, Click Frenzy is 20 times rarer from Natural or Pseudo natural sources
    • When the Click Frenzy buff is on and a Dragon Flight is activated, the Click Frenzy buff has a 80% chance of being canceled.
    • This means that the only "reliable" way of getting Dragon Flight and Click Frenzy together is summoning a Force the Hand of Fate Golden Cookie, waiting for the Dragon Flight cookie to spawn, then clicking the Dragon Flight cookie, and lastly clicking the Force the Hand of Fate cookie and hoping for the right buffs.
  • Dragon Orbs may be used to quickly summon Golden Cookies and making a nearly eternal Frenzy. Keep in mind that Dragon Orbs does not work when there are other onscreen Golden Cookies or buffs active, especially Godzamok. This means that Godzamok will need to be reslotted after all buffs have been obtained. For more applications, check the Endgame Combo Guide.
  • Dragon's Fortune is used when there is an extra onscreen Golden Cookie, usually when dual casting provides enough buffs or the fortune Lucky Day is clicked, gives an even larger buff than Radiant Appetite.
  • Supreme Intellect may be used to cause some spells to backfire for Elder Frenzy or to make spells cheaper.


Dualcasting is casting Force the Hand of Fate twice without using refills. Because there is left over magic after casting once, selling wizard towers will eventually reach the point where the magic cost is low enough to cast Force the Hand of Fate again. For dual cast numbers, check here.

After dual casting, it is possible to dual cast again by buying back wizard towers, refilling magic, and repeating the steps above. This may be done once again if a Caramelized Sugar Lump is harvested after the refill to erase the 15 minute refill cooldown.

Gambler's Fever Dream

Gambler's Fever Dream is involved with an exploit known as Scrying. While it's not worth it on its own, this is where the second mechanic, Gambler's Fever Dream canceling comes in. Gambler's Fever Dream has a 1 second delay before casting. If the magic is changed to be below what's required to cast the spell before the delay, then the magic taken by Gambler's Fever Dream is refunded. This allows the following:

  • Cast Gambler's Fever Dream to hope for Force the Hand of Fate to give a buff such as Click Frenzy
  • If Gambler's Fever Dream does not give Force the Hand of Fate, cancel it with Force the Hand of Fate
  • If Gambler's Fever Dream gives Force the Hand of Fate, let it resolve and click it to see the given effect
  • If Gambler's Fever Dream casts Resurrect Abomination, let it resolve and repeat unless the Grandmapocalypse is on; otherwise cancel

Keep in mind that this strategy has the following risks:

  • Gambler's Fever Dream casts have a 50% chance of backfiring
  • If canceling with Force the Hand of Fate, it has a 15% chance of backfire because Resurrect Abomination can't be used for it.[note 7]
  • If the user has too much magic, then Force the Hand of Fate may not cancel the Gambler's Fever Dream

Lucky Day

The fortune "Today is your Lucky Day!" is too inconsistent to incorporate to combos, although it can still be nice to always have the chance. Do not click the fortune unless if it's part of a combo because it can only appear once an ascension.

Distilled Essence of Redoubled Luck

Similarly to Lucky Day, Distilled Essence of Redoubled Luck is too rare to consistently combo with. It is possible to make buffs such as Frenzy longer with it, however.


The Garden plants Thumbcorn and Whiskerblooms provide a sizable increase to combos. While Whiskerblooms are nearly always better, they are more expensive and take longer to mature (~20 ticks) compared to Thumbcorn (3 ticks). Grow plants in fertilizer and switch to clay to optimize their effects. Glovemorels may seem more powerful than both, but the cumulative effects of the CpS debuff drastically reduces their effectiveness the more Glovemorels there are, so they are generally worse.

Later in the game, Golden Clovers and Nursetulips are needed to get the natural Golden Cookie effects for combos. For more information, check the Endgame Combo Guide.


While loans are generally seen as a downside, the effects may be activated during a combo then have the debt effect be canceled out by ascending later. Unless bigger combos have been done before the one that loans are used on, the increased cookie production will dwarf the down payment.

Golden Switch (and shimmering veil)

Similarly to loans, the Golden Switch is used in Combos to provide a quick 50%-150% extra cookies. After obtaining all natural Golden Cookies, activate the Golden Switch and continue executing the combo. Assuming that the Golden Switch is too expensive, use the Click buff to get enough cookies to turn on the Golden Switch, then sell buildings for Godzamok.

The Shimmering Veil is nearly useless as it breaks almost instantly, but is still a slight increase in Cookies in later combos.

Sugar Frenzy

Sugar Frenzy is an expensive buff at 1 sugar lump and can only be toggled once an ascension.[note 8] Therefore, it is recommended to use it only when quadcasting is needed to combo.


Despite Elder Frenzy being a massive buff to cookie production, its short duration makes comboing with it difficult, and is thus better to be obtain from FtHoF. The lack of Frenzy from Wrath Cookies makes combos less common. Due to this, it is recommended to use the Elder pledge. If the Pledge hasn't been unlocked yet, sell all Grandmas and then buy them back when CpS is needed.

A strategy known as Pledge Swapping allows both Frenzies and Elder Frenzies to be stacked consistently. Start pledged, turn off the pledge after getting Frenzy by using the Covenant then revoking it (toggling later will decrease the chance of a Wrath Cookie), and hope that the next Wrath Cookie gives Elder Frenzy.

Simple Combos

These combos are easy combos that can be obtained without exerting too much effort or advanced strategies. Keep in mind that all "natural" golden cookies also include ones summoned by Dragon Orbs, Distilled Essence of Redoubled Luck, or the news ticker. While other combos exist, they either take too much time to execute or are unrealistic.

Icon Meaning Common abbreviations
Buttergold cookie.png Frenzy F
Buttergold cursor.png Click Frenzy CF
- Building Special BS
RedSkull4.png Elder Frenzy EF
Dragonflight.png Dragon Flight DF
Reaper of Fields.png Dragon Harvest DH
Buffs Naturals Force the Hand of Fate Notes
F + CF F + CF (optional CF) CF A staple combo useful for early-midgame.
BS + CF BS CF Stronger than the previous combo when the Building Special chooses a building that has 60 or more.
F + DF F + DF None An alternate to Frenzy and Click Frenzy that does not rely on waiting for magic. Typically used in midgame.
EF + CF EF CF Harder to execute than most because of Elder Frenzy's short duration. It is extremely difficult to dual cast on Elder Frenzy.
F + EF + CF F + EF CF Obtained by using pledge swapping. Dual casting is hard to execute, just like the previous combo.
F + BS + CF F + BS + (optional) CF CF May be used to reach late game or set up endgame combos. For more information, check the Endgame combo guide.
F + BS + DF F + BS + DF None Only used as a set up combo.
F + DH + CF F + DH + (optional) CF CF Alternative to Frenzy + Building Special + Click Frenzy and usually used for set up combos
F + DH + DF F + DH + DF None Alternative to the combo above and only used for set up combos.
F + 2BS + CF F + BS BS + CF Usually obtained after getting lucky from dual casting. If the dual cast only gives a building special, it is worth risking a sugar lump for a quadcast.

More advanced combos are listed in the Endgame combo guide.


  1. This requirement changes with Wizard Tower Level.
  2. Considered by some to be cheating.
  3. After reaching this point, you may increase the maximum magic slowly until an opportunity to combo arrives. This is known as Flexible Magic Cap.
  4. Haggler's Charm or Diminish Ineptitude may seem better, but Gambler's Fever Dream mechanics forces the chosen spell to be Resurrect Abomination or Diminish Ineptitude when backfire is predicted
  5. The tooltip you get from selling for Godzamok does not update after the first sell, however the multiplier does.
  6. Elder Battalion is sometimes better than Breath of Milk, even after Godzamok. Use Radiant Appetite if only one slot is unlocked
  7. A strategy known as preconfirming is possible, where Resurrect abomination is casted to see if the next spell to backfire or not before Gambler's Fever Dream resolves. If it backfires, then let the spell resolve unless if it's Conjured Baked Goods or Spontaneous Edifice; otherwise cancel with another spell.
  8. Unless if activated with only 1 sugar lump in the bank.