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For grandmas in the current version of Cookie Clicker, see Grandma.
Classic grandma icon

In Cookie Clicker Classic, the grandma is the second least expensive item the player can purchase. She will give 4 cookies every 5 seconds. As of the 0.123 update, grandma cookie output can increase based on certain factors.

She costs 100 cookies at first, with the price increasing by 10% with each consecutive purchase of her.

Upgrade System


Varying grandma types implemented in version 0.123

Since the 0.123 update, grandmas now have varying appearances based off the other upgrades.

Cookie Output

Initially, grandma output is 4 cookies every five seconds. By buying each upgrade, this number will increase.

Building required Grandma Increase Cookies/5 seconds CpS Stacked increase Stacked Cookies/5 seconds Stacked CpS
Factory grandma
+ 1 5 1 + 1 5 1
Mine grandma
+ 2 6 1.2 + 3 7 1.4
Shipment grandma
+ 3 7 1.4 + 6 10 2
Alchemy Lab
Alchemy Lab grandma
+ 4 8 1.6 + 10 14 2.8
Portal grandma
+ 5 9 1.8 + 15 19 3.8
Time Machine
Time Machine grandma
+ 6 10 2 + 21 25 5
Elder Pledge
Elder Pledge grandma
+ (amount of Portals) x 0.5 + 0.5 (amount of Portals) x 0.5 + 4.5 (amount of Portals) x 0.1 + 0.9 + (amount of Portals) x 0.5 + 21.5 (amount of Portals) x 0.5 + 25.5 (amount of Portals) x 0.1 + 5.1

Multiple copies of these items have no effect on grandma cookie output. This allows a maximum output of 25 cookies per 5 seconds per grandma without Elder Pledge in effect.

As of the 0.124 update, when the Elder Pledge is purchased, grandma output increases by +1 for the first portal purchase, and by +0.5 for every subsequent Portal purchased. Each fully upgraded grandma produces cookies according to the following formula, rounded to the nearest integer:


Professional strategies

Many builds involve the granny being a major player, and some builds even involve swarms of gold grannies making cookies.

One particular strategy involves ignoring all other upgrades in favor of building as many grandmas as possible, with only 1 alchemy lab to increase grandma efficiency. This tactic is useful in mid-game, however quickly means that Grandmas become prohibitively expensive, so should be avoided by all but the best players.

Background changes during Grandmapocalypse

The initial, plain background of the game starts to change to images of grandma as the player collects more cookies.

After accumulating 1,000,000 cookies, the plain background is replaced with repeated, shaking pictures of her. The background begins to shake more violently as the player earns more cookies.

After accumulating 2,000,000 cookies, the normal grandma background begins to occasionally flash into pictures of the satanic (lustful) grandma, and inverted grandma. At this point, epileptic people and those faint of heart should consider turning the flashing setting off in the game settings, or purchasing the Elder Pledge.

After accumulating 10,000,000 cookies, they will begin to flash into skeleton grandmas (skellingtons), as the background warps and stretches even more.

As the player obtains infinitely larger amounts of cookies, the pictures will begin to shake more and more. At 100,000,000 cookies, the pictures will begin to shift more and change size. This will get more drastic and violent as the cookie counter approaches 1,000,000,000 cookies. The pictures become up to 5 or so times larger.

After accumulating 1,000,000,000 cookies, kaleidoscope grandma will overtake the screen, obscuring all the previous Grandmas.